1915 Wind Indicator Waltham Vanguard 23j

1915 Wind Indicator Waltham Vanguard 23j
This movement was originally manufactured in 1915 by the Waltham Watch Company outside of Boston. The Vanguard was one of Waltham's highest grades, and Waltham used its precision machining and production prowess to sell the Vanguard for a reasonable price despite its beauty and quality.
While the majority of the parts on this watch are identical to 'regular' Vanguard railroad movements, this particular watch features an up/down wind indicator. A wind indicator refers to the sub-dial at 12 O'clock that shows how much wind is left on the watch. Wind indicator watches are and were the most expensive and rare railroad watches available based on function.
This excellent condition piece features checkered and waved damascening, iconic Waltham split style nickel plated bridges, a Lossier inner terminal hairspring (refers to a mathematically superior way of curving the termination point of the inner coil of the hairspring where it attaches to the balance staff), 23 precision cut ruby and sapphire jewels, gold jewel settings, a gold center wheel, gold gilt lettering, adjustment to 6 positions, adjustment for temperature, adjustment for isochronism, and an Ohlson wishbone regulator.
The original white, double-sunken enamel dial on this watch is also rare and in almost perfect condition. It features clean, black, 'boxcar' style, sans-serif Arabic numerals with 24-hour inner dial markings (often referred to as a Canadian railroad dial due to their use of military time) and the up/down wind indicator subdial at 12 O'clock. The classic, blued steel, heavy, whipped-spade hands round off this movement to make it one of the most beautiful, rare, and iconic movements we have acquired to date. Less than 50,000 Waltham 16s wind indicator watches were ever made, and only 2,200 pieces of this specific model were built.
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