Vortic Watch Company - The Victory Watch

The Victory Watch is the first and only 10-size antique pocket watch movement we've ever converted into a wristwatch. It's significant for a few reasons, first that it's only 43mm in size, making it the smallest American Artisan Series watch available at Vortic. 

Secondly, we call this the Victory Watch we found a handful of these 10-Size Hamilton movements in the midst of being sued by the SWATCH Group. We thought they were fantastic, but due to the lawsuit, it didn't make sense for us to spend the time and energy developing a custom, new case size just for these movements. Had we lost the lawsuit, all that time would have been wasted. 

Now that we've won, we can celebrate that victory with this very special watch, and offer it to our loyal customers who helped us and supported us through the legal battle.

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