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Vortic Watch Company - Journeyman Edition Information

The Journeyman Series is an entirely new, American Made watch that draws inspiration from the United States’ original great watch manufacturers. "Journeyman" represents Vortic’s apprenticeship to the craft of watchmaking and our journey to help bring watch manufacturing back to the United States.

The "First Edition" of the Journeyman Series will be a small batch, limited run. We are accepting fully refundable deposits to reserve a First Edition watch on a first-come-first-serve basis. The product is subject to slight aesthetic and price variations, and when the final design and offering is determined, those who placed a deposit are not bound to buy the final product.


The Journeyman Series follows the pristine example of craftsmanship set forth by RailRoad-Era American pocket watch manufacturers. Vortic is pairing cutting-edge, modern technology with virtually extinct watchmaking practices that helped to create beautiful, authentic, quality pieces 100+ years ago that are still relevant today.


We don't take shortcuts with our products, and every component of this watch is built to outlast a lifetime of abuse. The water resistant titanium case is designed for strength, lightness, and durability. The Gorilla Glass crystals were engineered specifically to resist scratching and shattering. The dials are kiln-fired enamel that will never fade, and the high-quality, mechanical watch movement will perform forever if properly cared for. The Journeyman is a watch that was made to live on your wrist, then live on the wrist of the next generation.


Watches built the right way are an investment because they will last forever. The art of marrying form and function is a cornerstone of traditional American manufacturing. Of course, everything needs to operate at the highest standards, but making functional pieces beautiful is what distinguishes true craftsman. The Journeyman Series has a timelessly classic aesthetic that pairs style and audacity with the story of a legendary American industry.


As a business, we’ve learned that manufacturing is not as simple as giving your designs to someone and asking them to make it.  We build everything we can in the United States to maintain working relationships with our suppliers in a meaningful way, and we are transparent about our manufacturing process because we truly believe that the more you know about our product, the more you will want it.