Keep The Lights On For American Manufacturing

Keep The Lights On For American Manufacturing

The COVID-19 crisis is creating unprecedented issues for Americans. In times like these, manufacturing companies need to band together and support each other in order to protect and preserve the supply chain of the United States. 

Right now everyone's talking about ventilators and masks. Those things are extremely important, and there are huge companies stepping in to help, but what about the critical products and parts that we don't even know we need yet?

What "widgets" are flying off the shelves at a rate just slightly less than toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and what happens when we run out of those things?  What if the manufacturing company that made those widgets is currently shut down, or running with a skeleton crew?

Vortic Watch Company is partnering with hundreds of small to medium size American manufacturing companies to prop up the supply chain of the United States and protect us from future outages. We are Keeping The Lights On for American manufacturers.

All In For American Made

When manufacturing companies talk about "Keeping The Lights On," they mean that inside America's factories and manufacturing facilities, the lights are on, the machines are running, and the people are working.

Due to the recent crisis, many manufacturing companies like ours are struggling to operate, whether due to government regulations, supply-demand issues, or cash flow problems. This means there are likely thousands of highly skilled Entrepreneurs, Trade Workers, Engineers, Assemblers, and the like who have valuable assets, and TIME TO SPARE. 

What if we worked together to better utilize that time, those machines, and that skilled knowledge? What if we helped keep the lights on for American manufacturers?

Go Fund Me Campaign

We're raising $250,000 to directly inject into American manufacturing. The money will be used to EXPEDITE processes that normally take weeks, like design, engineering, RFQ (request for quote), etc. This money will help get products in the hands of people who need them in a much shorter amount of time. 

The funds will also be used to purchase raw materials in bulk for smaller companies that have massive capabilities but lack the financial resources to invest in the materials and parts needed to make the products that are desperately needed. Some examples are:

Steel for hospital equipment parts
Titanium for medical device parts
Cloth for masks and bedding
Wiring for electronic first responder devices

Manufacturers That Can Help

If you work for or run an American manufacturing company, have some extra bandwidth, and want to support this cause, click the button below to add yourself to our directory. 

We'll be in touch if we have any questions about your capabilities, but your name and information will be added to our list as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to manage the directory and personally reach out to you with connections to the people that need help. We will only publicize your information if you give us express permission to do so.

People & Businesses That Need Help

If you, or your business needs help making a critical product or component, click the button below to add yourself to our contact list.

We'll be in touch if we have any questions about what you need, but your name and information will be added to our list as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to manage the directory and personally connect you with the manufacturers that can help. We will only publicize your information if you give us express permission to do so.

Why Is Vortic Involved?

Vortic Watch Company manufactures one of the only truly American made wristwatches. Due to this fact, the team has spent the better part of the last decade sourcing from hundreds of different manufacturing companies all across America trying to find the best components for its products. Vortic has also invested almost $1million in machines and equipment for its own in-house engineering manufacturing capabilities.

The Vortic team, based in Fort Collins, Colorado will become the connecting entity between the manufacturing companies that can help, and the people and businesses who need help. We're building three different directories, and then using our network and resources to connect them:

1. Manufacturing Companies That CAN Help
2. People/Businesses That NEED Help
3. Products/Services That Are NEEDED

Sign Up To Stay Informed On This Initiative

You can also use this form to let us know how you'd like to help (if you don't fit one of the criteria above).

Vortic Watch Company will not sell or use your information for any other purpose than to keep you informed. If you'd prefer to just contact us directly, you can email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate to this initiative?

You can financially support our Go Fund Me campaign at this link:

I want to help, but I don't know how?

Fill out the contact form above, or send an email to and let us know how you think you can help. Common ideas are: 1. giving your time/expertise, 2. offering your manufacturing services, 3. referring a friend who can help or needs help.

Is Vortic Watch Company still operating during the pandemic?

Because we are "providing services to and supporting other essential businesses, Vortic is an essential business by the Governor of Colorado's order and is still operating normally. Our team is taking all precautions and practicing proper social distancing even in the workplace. All tours of the facility and all in-person meetings have been cancelled. Everyone that can effectively work from home is doing so as much as possible.

What are some examples of critical products currently needed?

Health Facilities – Infrastructure and Equipment

1. Portable, battery operated ventilators

2. Ventilator circuits

3. Endotracheal tubes

4. Suction catheters with tubing

5. Nasogastric tubes

6. Oxygen concentrator

7. Mobile, basic diagnostics X-ray system

8. No touch thermometers

9. Pulse oximeter, portable

10. Oxygen tanks

11. Nasal prongs

12. Laryngoscope

Complete Personal Protective Equipment

1. N95 respirators

2. Medical masks

3. Exam gloves

4. Gowns, disposable with elastic wrists

5. Eye/face shields

6. Goggles

7. Boot covers

8. Hair cover (bouffant)

Drugs and Consumables

1. COVID swab test kits

2. Lactated ringer

3. Oxygen face mask, with reservoir bag, disposable

4. Infusion setup including pump

5. Biohazard bag

6. Soap, liquid (1L size)

7. Safety box needle disposal