"Chicago World Champions" Commemorative Set

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An extremely limited edition set inspired by the historic Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series win


Set Includes:

1x Historic World Champions Fountain Pen

          -Handcrafted by master penmaker Tim Cullen

          -Made with wood from 1930's Wrigley Field seats

          -Serialized 01/10 - 10/10 (only 10 will be made)

   -Each pen is an original work of art and no two are exactly alike. (Click HERE to learn more about pens and see exclusive images of the World Champion pens being fabricated.)

1x World Champions Edition American Artisan Series 2.0 Watch

          -Elgin pocket watch movement and dial made in the years of the last Cubs World Series wins (1907 or 1908)

   -3D printed titanium case

          -Built to your specifications (size, case finish, crown style, hardware finish)

          -Custom leather strap made from a vintage baseball glove

          -Serialized 01/10 - 10/10  (only 10 will be made)

   -Each watch is an original work of art and no two are exactly alike.

1x Custom Display Box

1x Pen Ink


*Shipping lead time is 6-8 weeks from time of purchase. Gift boxes/certificates available for delivery by the Holidays.

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The Story of the Curse

In 1945, Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis was kicked out of Wrigley Field during game 4 of the World Series. This is allegedly due to the odor of his pet goat, named Murphy, bothering other fans. Outraged, Sianis declared a curse on the Chicago Cubs. It is not known specifically what the curse entailed, but the Cubs lost the 1945 series and did not make it back to the world series again until 2016.

The Cubs simply making it to the series marked the end of a 71-year drought. Additionally, given that the Cub's only other world series wins came in 1907 and 1908, their win in 2016 marked the end of a 108-year World Series win drought. It seems safe to say, however, that after the Cubs defeated the American League champion Cleveland Indians 8–7 in the 10th inning of game 7 to win the 2016 World Series, that the curse was ended.

Each piece in these sets was carefully chosen to create the ultimate commemorative gift for a Cubs fan, and each piece was meticulously crafted to last forever. So, even if it takes another 108 years for the Cubs to win, each component will be relevant and functional for future generations to enjoy!


The Pen

Vortic has collaborated with Hooligan Pen Company’s Tim Cullen to bring you an excellent product with a rich story. The wooden body of each pen is made of wood from 1930’s Wrigley Field seat backs. While Wrigley remains very original, many renovations have been made over the years, so supplies from the early 1900’s stadium are continually disappearing. These are the only 10 pens of their kind that will exist in the world, so don’t miss your chance to reserve your own before supplies run out.

Tim was able to get his hands on a limited amount of small, rectangular, blocks of wood cut from seat backs in 1930's era Wrigley for use in a pen. To prepare the wood, many layers of green paint were sanded off and the wood was dried in an oven. After this, the wood was moved to a vacuum chamber where it gets imbued with a resin to stabilize the wood and make it suitable for fine workmanship. Please be aware that although great care is taken in crafting this wood, it does have some character and imperfections from being exposed to the elements for many years.

The blue acrylic of the cap and barrel are custom poured and colored with a "Cubs Blue," and each piece has an interesting texture when turned and finished. As a result, you won’t find this coloration anywhere else and every pen's acrylic will be slightly different. Each round component of the pen is hand turned and threaded on a traditional manual lathe. The threads are extremely fine because they are all manually cut with a single point tool (Tim actually uses a vintage South Bend 10k lathe to do most of the work). A multi-start thread design is used to make replacing and removing the cap quicker and easier. The wood is finely sanded and waxed, and the clip is hand filed to achieve a custom shape just for this pen. The nib unit is a titanium Bock #6 size with a piston style ink converter (a siphon for sucking up ink).

Finally, Vortic used their own machine to engrave the pen in several places; “World Champions 2016” on the cap ring, a Vortic ‘V’ logo on the top of the cap, and “xx/10” engraved on the butt of the wood. What you are left with is not only a fine piece of craftsmanship with a great story but a functional, well-balanced, high-end writing instrument that is guaranteed to bring joy and personality to your signature and handwritten notes.

Click HERE to learn more about pens and see exclusive images of the World Champion pens being fabricated.


Size - 156mm long when capped, 139mm long with cap removed, cap diameter = 16.5mm, body diameter = 15.5mm

Barrel & Cap - custom poured, colored, and turned "Cubs Blue" acrylic

Body - 1930’s Wrigley Field seat back wood

Clip and Ring - hand turned titanium

Nib - #6 Bock (titanium, medium tip)

Markings - 2016 World Champions, Vortic ‘V’ logo, serial (xx/10)

Reservoir - converter, piston fill

Ink - U.S. made Noodler’s Midway Blue or Bernanke Black


The Watch

The "World Champions Edition" American Artisan Series watch accompanying the pen tells its own story. Vortic has identified serial numbers belonging to Elgin watch movements made in 1907 and 1908 (the Cub’s only other World Series wins) for use in an American Artisan Series 2.0 case. Several dial options are available for these watches, and Vortic has collaborated with the Detroit Strap Company to bring you handcrafted straps made from vintage baseball glove leather. The final product is totally unique and one-of-a-kind.

There are six 12s (46mm) and four 16s (50mm) watches available, and customers can select specific straps, hardware, and case finish. Selections and options will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. The steel backs of each watch in this 10 piece set will be engraved with “World Champions,” “xx/10,” as well as the model and Vortic’s name. Click HERE for more detailed information about Vortic’s American Artisan Series.


Size - 

     12s - diameter = 46mm, lug to lug = 55mm, height = 12mm, lugs = 22mm

     16s - diameter = 50mm, lug to lug = 59mm, height = 13.5mm, lugs = 22mm

Case Material - 3D printed titanium body and machine turned steel back

Strap - vintage baseball glove leather made by Detroit Strap Co.

Movement - 15j or 17j vintage Elgin pocket watch movement from 1907 or 1908

Dial - original Elgin enamel

Crystals - flat, round, Corning Gorilla Glass

Crown - custom made from copper alloy


The Case

A local guitar maker (luthier) designs and builds all of Vortic’s display and watch boxes. This particular case is made from finely sanded walnut with a teak oil finish, custom glass, and custom engraved cork backing. The engraving features an image of Wrigley Field with the year of each Cubs World Series win. It is the perfect size for displaying the watch and pen side by side, and two small dowels are included to raise the rear of the box for optimal viewing.

Size - 11.75” L x 9” W x 2.5” H


Please use the contact form HERE, call Vortic at 855.285.7884, or email us at info@vorticwatches.com to ask specific questions about this product.

Additional Information

Shipping lead time is 6-8 weeks from time of purchase.

Please call Vortic at 855-285-7884, or email us at info@vorticwatches.com to ask specific questions about this product.