The Burlington Railroad 005 (51MM)

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The Burlington Railroad 005 (51MM)
The Burlington Railroad 005 (51MM)
The Burlington Railroad 005 (51MM)
The Burlington Railroad 005 (51MM)
The Burlington Railroad 005 (51MM) }

Watch Description

The American mechanism inside this watch is not a replica or an "inspired" piece. It was genuinely carried by an individual, 100 years ago, that depended on it. Each time you wear this watch, you will be transported through time, imagining who this individual was and the work they did to help build our country. Simply put, American Artisan Series watches make you feel something when you put them on. At Vortic, we tell customers that owning a watch isn't nearly as important as owning a story. And, this is an opportunity to be a part of a story that is bigger than yourself. You won't be the first to own this watch, and you certainly won’t be the last, so make your chapter count.

The American Artisan Series is a line of fully American Made wristwatches powered by restored, U.S. made pocket watch movements. Individuals commonly scrap pocket watch cases for their precious metal, leaving the original mechanism orphaned. This watch contains the original movement (timepiece), dial (face), and hands from a vintage (1880’s – 1950’s) pocket watch made by Burlington Watch Company. We call this model "The Burlington" because the company was located in Burlington, Illinois.

Case Style: 3D printed American Artisan Series cases are grown, one thin layer at a time, using powdered titanium and a high power laser. Each case is lightly barrel-polished to remove sharp edges while maintaining a vintage-style finish on the exterior. The interior of the case is CNC machined for accuracy and water resistance. The “Raw” titanium finish is unchanged from the manufacturing process described above.

Movement: The manually wound, antique, pocket watch movement inside this watch has been meticulously restored to as close to original condition as possible. Vortic has an exclusive group of highly experienced watchmakers that specialize in vintage watches. Before its use in a wristwatch, each movement is completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled, and calibrated. Each finished Vortic watch is tested for at least a week before completion.

This watch's movement is serial number from the Burlington Watch Company. The Burlington Watch Company is unique in the sense that it did not manufacture its own watches. Only operating from 1908-1925, the Illinois Watch Company actually produced the vast majority of Burlington brand watches. The company sold watches by mail order on credit with payment plans. The called themselves the anti-trust watch saying that other companies fixed prices and forced consumers to pay extra because of the middleman. Their goal was to make high-quality watches available to those who couldn't normally afford them.

The Burlington Railroad 005 is the 5th piece in Vortic’s Railroad Edition to be built using an antique Burlington Watch Company, Railroad Grade pocket watch movement originally manufactured in Springfield, Illinois.

It features the CNC machined titanium Railroad Edition case that allows for access to the lever set mechanism. With a brass crown and classic natural strap, this watch is a beautiful example of the Railroad Edition. Inside is a Burlington grade 805 pocket watch originally manufactured in Springfield, Illinois in 1913. 

The Railroad Edition casing system is 51mm in diameter and is water resistant when the bezel is fully and properly attached.

Note: This watch is LEVER set, meaning the bezel must be removed to set the time. This was the original safety mechanism for the Railroads, and is an amazing feature, but we recommend learning more about the Railroad Edition prior to purchase to ensure understanding of the unique aspects of this watch.

Learn more about the Railroad Edition here:

Watch Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Vortic Watch Company
  • Model Year: 2018
  • Warranty: Full 2-Year Warranty
  • Case Dimensions: 
  • Case Finish: 3D Raw Titanium
  • Crown/Hardware: 
  • Water Resistance: 1 ATM
  • Crystals: Gorilla Glass
  • Case Back: 
  • Hands: Original
  • Strap: Leather


  • Original Manufacturer: Burlington Watch Company
  • Original Serial Number: 
  • Manufacture Year: 
  • Function: Manual Wind
  • Jewels: 19j
  • Size: 
  • Power Reserve: ~36 Hours
The skeleton back is amazing and the packaging was perfect. To honor the past with details like this is truly impressive.
—Brad from Florida
It looks like it would have been right at home on the wrist of Indiana Jones! This watch is a showpiece as much as it is as unique timepiece!
—John from Indiana
After receiving the watch in the mail, I was surprised to see the watch somehow looked better in person than it did in the photos. I didn't think that would be possible!
—Mark from Massachusetts
I own so called "high end" watches such as Rolex, Panerai, and Zenith but they pale in comparison to my two Vortic models which I wear everyday to work.
—Todd from Ohio


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