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Artisan Series Display Watch Box

Artisan Series Display Watch Box

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This artisanal watch box is handcrafted from dark walnut by a local guitar maker in Fort Collins, CO. The box is laboriously sanded to an impeccably smooth finish, then coated with teak oil to preserve the wood and bring out the character of the beautiful grain.

The straps are hand cut from a heavy, burgundy, full grain latigo leather at Vortic's shop. Each box will obtain a distinct look, over time, as the solid brass hardware acquires a patina and the leather interacts with the oils from your hands.

Interior Dimensions = 4"(width) x 3"(depth) x 2.75"(height)

Exterior Dimentions (minus leather) = 5"(width) x 4"(depth) x 3.5"(height)

Note - Linen watch pillow included with box.

Note - Each box contains slight aesthetic variation from the grain of the wood, the character of the leather, as well as the individual at Vortic installing the hardware.