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**All images shown are prototypes for display purposes only. Final examples will be shown soon, and production is in progress now.

The American Artisan Series by Vortic Watch Company. Antique American made pocket watch movements, dials, and hands salvaged from being scrapped with their gold or silver case and mounted into custom built wrist watch cases. Preserved for another 100 years, these watches house a piece of American history. Each and every piece in the series is 100% American made and completely one of a kind. When this watch sells, it’s gone forever.

The Railroad Edition. The Railroad Edition of Vortic’s American Artisan Series is a line of fully U.S. made wristwatches powered by restored, lever-set, Railroad Grade, pocket watch movements manufactured by one of the various great American watch companies. You can read more about what it means to be Lever Set and Railroad Grade here on our blog:


This is a Custom Order - Due to high demand for this new size we are offering custom orders only and will work with each customer on a one-on-one basis to ensure you get exactly what you want from this custom built wrist watch. Delivery timelines are based on the options chosen. You can view our latest video updates on our Railroad Edition information page here:


Movement Features (Heritage "Bring Your Own") - One option you always have with us for any product is to bring your own movement. We call these Commissioned or Heritage pieces as typically these are your Grandfather's or Grandmother's heirloom pocket watch. Bringing your own movement saves you some money as we do not have to search for the movement and find a particular one, especially on the more rare and higher grade versions. Please note that not all movements can be converted. You must contact us about this option.

Movement Features (Elgin "The Chicago") - One option in this pre-order is for an Elgin pocket watch dial and movement originally made in Elgin, Illinois. We call it the Chicago as Elgin is a suburb of the Windy City. The most famous Elgin Railroad Grade pocket watch is the Father Time. 

Movement Features (Waltham "The Boston") - One option in this pre-order is for an Waltham pocket watch dial and movement originally made in Waltham, Massachusetts. We call it the Boston as Waltham is a suburb of the city which is still actually called "Watch City" due to the number of watches that Waltham originally produced. The most famous Waltham Railroad grade pocket watch is the Vanguard. 

Movement Features (Illinois "The Springfield") - One option in this pre-order is for an Illinois pocket watch dial and movement originally made in Springfield, Illinois. We call it the Springfield to honor the original birthplace of the factory. The most famous Illinois railroad grade pocket watch is the Bunn Special.

Movement Features ("Rare & Limited") - This pre-order is for a Railroad grade pocket watch dial and movement originally made by one of the other great American watch companies. This could be a Rockford, Hampden, Hamilton, Ball, or something else. This excludes Up/Down indicator models and other extremely rare pieces that need to be one-off projects.

Movement Features ("Up Down Indicator") - The final option in this pre-order is for a Railroad grade pocket watch dial and movement originally made made by one of the other great American watch companies featuring the rare and sought after Up Down Indicator. This could be an Elgin or Waltham. Rockford Indicators, being the most rare pieces on the planet, cannot be done for this price. Contact us for more details.

Case Features - The Railroad Edition features a fully milled titanium or bronze case with 3 pieces. The body, the back, and the bezel. The bezel is the piece that needs to be removed in order to set the time via the lever. You do so with a simple threaded system made easy and beautiful by the coin edge design of the bezel. The case is 51mm in diameter, our largest option, due to the size of these pocket watch movements and the engineering that needs to fit inside each case.

Dial Features - The Great American watch companies produced many different styles of dial. The Railroad grade dials traditionally feature white enamel dials with big bold black numerals, but some feature other options that may be attractive. Please contact us for more details on those options.

Design Options - The Railroad Edition will have similar design options to our other American Artisan Series watches, but will feature the fully milled case and have a distinct look. Stay tuned for more updates about options. All custom orders will include every single upgrade for FREE as well as a personal design consultation with our Founder, R.T. Custer.

QUESTIONS? - call us at 855-285-7884 or email us (info@vorticwatches.com)

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