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Every watch we build has an amazing story to tell, but we invite you to use your own pocket watch in a Vortic wristwatch case to add a new chapter to your watch's saga. Pocket watches were usually very important to the individuals who used them, and we believe the best way to honor those pieces is to make them functional again.



Tell us about the watch you would like to have converted by submitting the form below.


Mail the watch to Vortic for evaluation.


Vortic will rate the condition of the watch as "Excellent," "Regular," or "Poor." This rating determines the final quote for the project.


If you would like to move forward with the conversion, Vortic will send you an invoice for half of the total cost of the project. If not, Vortic will send your watch back free of charge.


Vortic restores the watch and builds a wristwatch. This process normally takes 6-8 weeks, but lead times may vary based on the condition of the original pocket watch.


When the work is completed, Vortic sends the second invoice for the remaining half of the project cost.


When the second invoice is paid, Vortic ships your converted watch and original pocket watch case back to you. All that's left is to enjoy your beautiful new watch!

Cost and lead time for "Convert Your Watch" projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Most pocket watches are in normal condition, but Vortic establishes excellent/normal/poor condition pieces upon observation.

Conversion Form

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Use this form to tell us about your watch and/or to ask any questions you may have about watch conversions.

Important Facts

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Movement Servicing

Each movement is meticulously restored by an experienced professional before conversion into an American Artisan Series wristwatch. We are very confident in the quality of our work, so all conversions are covered under our 2-year Revolving Warranty. However, not all watches are suitable for conversion, and some watches are beyond repair. 


We do not modify watch movements in any way to build our wristwatches. Our case is specially designed to house the movement like it's original pocket watch case and may be returned to its original case at any time.

Converting a pocket watch to an AAS wristwatch will help to extend the life of your watch. The water-resistant, dust-proof, shock absorbing case will protect the watch from the elements better than its original case, and using the watch regularly helps to maintain the integrity of the mechanism.