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Who we are

Vortic Watch Company is a small batch, custom, watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Northern Colorado. Our mission is to "preserve and enhance the legacy of manufacturing excellence in America."
To do so, we combine traditional and cutting-edge technology to create unique, quality, functional timepieces with exceptional value. Our speciality watches are unlike any other.

What we make


American made wristwatches powered by antique, American made pocket watch movements. Starting at $1,495.


A unique edition of the American Artisan Series featuring a removable bezel to utilize lever-set, railroad grade, pocket watch movements. Starting at $2,995.

Convert Your Watch

Build an American Artisan Series style wristwatch using your heirloom pocket watch. Starting at $1,495.

How to Order


Starting at $1,495

Convert your watch

Starting at $1,495

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0% APR for 6 Months

Introducing The Military Edition

Salvaged antique American pocket watches originally manufactured for the United States Army Air Corps built into custom wristwatches called the Military Edition.

Learn More About The Military Edition

Customer Testimonials

Vortic Testimonial

The communication throughout the process was extraordinary. After receiving the watch in the mail, I was surprised to see the watch somehow looked better in person than it did in the photos. I didn't think that would be possible!

Mark from Massachusetts
Vortic Testimonial

I’m in love with my new watch…and I’m in love with Vortic. The quality is amazing and I enjoyed working with the team. I can’t stop looking at it and I can’t stop talking about it. I absolutely love everything about it. They turned my grandfather's timepiece into my masterpiece.

Brent from Massachusetts
Vortic Testimonial

The watch is much lighter than I imagined. The skeleton back is amazing and the packaging was perfect. To honor the past with details like this is truly impressive. Overall I love the timepiece and already want another one!

Brad from Florida
Vortic Testimonial

I can't speak highly enough of my experience Vortic. The passion of the team has been obvious and the professionalism top notch. They even engraved my son's name and birthday on the back to complete an already unbelievable product.

Scott from Colorado
Vortic Testimonial

The packaging and presentation was just about as beautiful and distinct as the watch contained therein. It really exceeded expectations. It looks like it would have been right at home on the wrist of Indiana Jones! This is a showpiece as much as it is as unique timepiece!

John from Indiana
Vortic Testimonial

My recent masterpiece has been received. I own so called "high end" watches such as Rolex, Panerai, and Zenith but they pale in comparison to my 2 Vortic models which I wear everyday to work. The others remain in their boxes with dust accumulation.

Todd from Ohio
Vortic Testimonial

My Springfield watch greatly exceeded my expectations. The process of getting this work of art was outstanding, from the original order and updates during production through the delivery and follow-up consultation. I'm already trying to justify a second Vortic watch.

Steve from Massachusetts
Vortic Testimonial

I recently received two Vortic watches that I ordered and there is not enough I can say, we absolutely love them. The watches are magnificent! When we opened the shipping box there were two boxes sealed with wax with his and hers tags. Beautifully done.

William from Washington
Vortic Testimonial

This is a very impressive watch. I am very pleased with my purchase. I've worked in customer service my entire career and I can tell you it means a lot to have this level of personal communication.

Brett from Texas

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The Vortic Blog

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More of the Story and Watch Of The Day Weekly Recap

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