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Giving Tuesday!

We have your weekly round-up below, but first...

We want to share with you our favorite part of each year! It is because of the support of customers like you that we are able to give back to the non-profit that is dear to hearts, the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative.

With a portion of the proceeds from our Military Edition as well as your generous additional donations we were able to keep the tradition alive! It is with gratitude that we make our annual donation to the Veterans at the VWI.

This year we're donating $30,000, bringing our 3-year total to over $100,000!

To learn more about the Veteran Watchmaker Initiative and how you can support them as well, check out the button below!


But wait! There's more! The Vortic accessory you've been waiting for...

The Otterbox x Vortic Drybox

We're excited to announce our partnership with another great Fort Collins, Colorado company... Ottorbox!

Stash, stow, and beat the living daylights out of it. Your Vortic Watch stays dry and secure with our very own custom OtterBox Drybox. Custom foam insert perfectly cut to fit any Vortic model watch, crushproof, waterproof, made to keep your watch safe from all the elements. Features additional slots for a small screwdriver and extra band slot, to change bands on the go. This case is perfect for travel, and if you need to use it for other accessories the foam is easily removable. 


Starting today, all Vortic watches will be shipped in one of these boxes (upgrading from our previous wooden boxes). If you already have a watch, click the button below to purchase one of these Dry boxes. Otherwise, your next purchase of a Watch of the Day will come with one!


Here's your Weekly Roundup!

The time is now (pun intended) to pick your one-of-a-kind Vortic Watch. Our team has been working hard to provide you with a variety of unique timepieces. Take a look, there's something for everyone! 

Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day! They tend to sell quickly. 


For today’s Watch of the Day we bring you this incredibly unique piece from the Elgin National Watch Company, our Chicago 447. This watch is a wonderful example of a beautiful antique that will soon be over 100 years old, brought back to life in an elegant way. We can’t take our eyes off all the small details of this dial, with a natural patina that has softened the glow of the gold-colored numerals. The small wear around the edges that have taken portions of the minute indicators is just another touch that tells the story of the many different lives this watch has lived.

Our gold-plated crown pairs well with gold kite-shaped hands that stand out inside of our gunmetal titanium case. This signature shape of the build plates is something we look forward to with the 345 grade Elgin movements and does a nice job of leading your eye visually down to the Moseley regulator. Adorned with 17 screw-set jewels and stainless steel hardware throughout, allowing the gold-plated gears to shine from beneath. This watch was originally manufactured in Elgin, Illinois in 1922, the same year that the construction of Yankee Stadium began in The Bronx, New York. Babe Ruth also renewed his contract with the Yankees for another three years.


We are happy to bring you this beautiful watch from the Illinois Watch Company, our Springfield 450. This watch brings out all the small details, such as small gold-colored minute indicators around the outside of these uniquely shaped gold-colored numerals. We love how the dial matches with our bronzed titanium case, while our copper crown and Mojave strap complete the look.

As we turn the watch over to reveal this amazing movement inside, we are stunned by the 19 jewels that are placed throughout to keep this watch running smoothly. Copper inlaid text as well as gold-plated gears and brass hardware give this watch a great balance of precious metal accents. These thin Geneva lines throughout all the build plates carry a nice cohesive visual design all across the different elements and keep the eye moving around all the different portions of the movement.

This watch was originally manufactured in Springfield, Illinois by the Illinois Watch Company in 1921. March fourth of this same year we saw the inauguration of Warren G. Harding as the 29th President of the United States. He had served as a senator of Ohio as well as Governor and proved to be one of the most popular presidents of his time.


We are happy to present this incredibly unique timepiece from the Hamilton Watch Company, our Lancaster 115. We decided that our gunmetal titanium case was the perfect way to accent the different grey tones of the dial and let the gold-colored numerals stand out at the same time. Accentuated by our gold-plated crown and hardware, we really love the combination of new and old that brings this antique watch into the modern era.

The movement inside this watch is none other than the 912 from Hamilton, one of our favorite watches to work with and visually stunning as well. We love the unique shape of the different build plates that are unique to Hamilton, as well as these bold Geneva lines all throughout that line up perfectly. 17 screw-set jewels with raised brass settings keep everything moving nicely and add to the visual display inside this watch. Stainless steel hardware stands out, while gold-plated gears beneath attract your eye to the inner workings.

This watch was originally produced by the Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1933. This is the same year that construction on the Golden Gate Bridge began in San Francisco. It eventually opened to the public four years later and was the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world at the time of completion. 


For this special occasion holiday release, we set aside this magnificent watch from the Illinois Watch Company, our Springfield 452. We were immediately drawn to this stunning dial that jumps out and grabs your attention at first glance. The bold gothic-style numerals contrast well from the crisp white face, accented with red minute indicators all around the outside. Dark open-kite hands add to the stunning features of the dial and stand out giving this watch a truly breathtaking visual appeal. Set in our machined titanium case, with a copper crown and oxblood cordovan strap.

As we turn this watch over to reveal the movement inside, we see more of the gothic-styling incorporated into the font and are in love with the 21 Ruby jewels that are proudly displayed. If you look closely, you will notice the incredibly intricate patterns that have been carefully machined into the different build plates throughout. Gold-plated gears beneath add to the precious metal look and show the top-of-the-line quality from this stunning timepiece.

]In 1827, acclaimed writer Sarah Josepha Hale started a campaign to petition the president to recognize Thanksgiving as a national holiday. She continued her fight for 36 years until finally, President Abraham Lincoln enacted the holiday at the height of the Civil War, in hopes to bring ease to the suffering of the war and bring families together. Hale later became known as the “Mother Of Thanksgiving” for her efforts in the cause. We are especially grateful that we are able to continue to find such amazing watches like this one, and give them new life for the years to come.


We proudly present this amazing watch from the Elgin National Watch Company, our Chicago 445. We love the combination of the gold-plated crown with this gold-colored dial, bringing out the fine details that have been machined into the face. These dark numerals jump out and grab your attention, along with these unique kite-shaped hands that stand out with a lovely dark blue hue. Our sandblasted titanium case lets the details of the watch steal the show, while this olive strap ties everything together nicely.

As we turn this watch over to reveal the movement that is powering it, we are immediately drawn to the unique shape of the build plate with this swooping design that is signature to Elgin, bringing your eyes down to the Moseley regulator. Gold-plated gears and a brass balance wheel show through from beneath, adding some precious metal elements to the look of the watch.

Originally manufactured in Elgin, Illinois in 1925 just about an hour outside of Chicago along the Fox River. This year proved to be a tough year for teachers in the southern states, with Tennessee officially banning the teaching of evolution in schools. Texas followed shortly after as well, with a number of lawsuits against teachers for breaking the laws. The law in Tennessee remained in place until eventually being appealed in 1967. 


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