The Military Edition is our Watch of the Week

The Military Edition is our Watch of the Week

The 2020 Military Edition Launches Tomorrow

R.T. here again for your weekly Vortic email newsletter! I could not be more proud of this product, our team, and what's gotten us to this point in 2020.

The Military Edition is only available this Wednesday, Veterans Day, the 11th at 8am Mountain Time. This year we have 50 pieces in the Second Edition and 15 pieces in the Special Edition. In this email, you'll find more information about the 2 watches and how to get your hands on one of them.

As long as you're on the Military Edition Waitlist, you'll receive an email at 8am MST Wednesday (Veterans Day) with direct links to purchase these watches. We'll also put links at the top of the Military Edition page, so if you'd prefer, you can just visit at 8am MST to order. 


The 2020 Special Edition

15 units available Veterans Day.

The 2020 Special Edition of the Military Edition Series is my new favorite watch. We're only building 15 of these... ever. For the Special Edition this year we chose to use a rare variant of the Hamilton 4992B movement. This movement has a special "US GOVT" engraving that's original to the piece. Only about 10% of the GCT Master Navigator movements have this marking, making this movement 10 times as rare as the one inside our standard Military Edition watches. 

To make this watch truly special, we decided to use a bronze case and crown. This specific bronze alloy is very strong, not much heavier than the titanium cases we typically use, and will patina over time. We cannot wait to see pictures of these watches in a couple of years. The patina will be spectacular!

Finally, we needed a unique and different strap to make this watch stand out. We hope you agree that this tan canvas was the absolute perfect pairing for the Special Edition. This watch will come with 3 total straps; the tan canvas, black with white stitching, and the bomber jacket. 

To learn all the other ways this movement and watch are special, visit our Military Edition page.

15 units available. Limit one per household. Price = $7,995

Delivery expected in January/February 2021.


The Second Edition

50 units available Veterans Day.

If you've stared at pictures of the Military Edition as long as we have, you'll notice the small difference in the Second Edition. Check out that RED case-tube! We decided to add a bit more color to the Military Edition using this second iteration and added that small red ring inspired by the red accents on the wings and tail of the B-bombers in World War II.

Check out our First Edition unboxing video to see everything included with the watch, especially the 2 additional straps. The only strap change this year is that we added red stitching to the black strap. Trust us, it works.

To learn all the other ways this movement and watch are special, visit our Military Edition​ page.

50 units available. Limit one per household. Price = $5,995.

Delivery expected in January/February 2021.


Watch The Zoom Video To See More

Check out this Zoom call I did yesterday to see video of the prototypes, hear the whole story of the watch, and get all your questions answered!


See How The Straps Are Made

Check out this Zoom interview with our strap maker for the Military Edition, Greg Stevens. He gives us a tour of his Salt Lake City workshop and tells us a bit more about his history and experience making straps!


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any discounts available?

Yes. Past and present members of the Military receive 10% off with code "military".

When will I receive my watch if I order Wednesday?

We expect to build all these watches by the end of January, meaning, that after testing, you'll receive it in January or February 2021.

What size is this watch?

The Military Edition features a 16size antique American pocket watch movement and is 49mm in diameter.

Is there financing available?

Yes. We partnered with Affirm to offer 0% APR financing for up to 12 months for those who qualify. You'll see that option at checkout, but since we might sell out quickly, we recommend Pre-Qualifying first. Head over to one of our products at click the orange "Prequalify Now" text above "Add to Cart"

What if I miss it and I don't get one?

The Military Edition is exclusively available on one day per year... Veterans Day. If you don't get one this year, you'll have another chance on November 11th, 2021.

Are you still donating to the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative?

Yes. And we will every year forever! $500 from each watch supports the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative which teaches US Military Veterans how to become watchmakers. 

If I can't buy a watch, how else can I show my support?

Click the link below to get your hands on our Limited Edition 2020 Military T-shirt. 100% of revenue generated from this T-shirt today and tomorrow will be donated to the school!

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