The Watch of the Day

The Watch of the Day

 The Watch of the Day

We're changing a few things around here, but the first one, as you probably saw, was we removed the Watch Builder from the website. In it's place, we're doing something a bit more simple, but that still gives you the same, awesome, custom watches.
The Watch of the Day.

If you were following along in late 2019, we tried a new thing called "100 Days of Vortic." Basically, for the last 100 days of 2019 we finished and posted one, new, one-of-a-kind watch every day. That program was very successful for us, so we decided to make that our business model.

From now on, every day, we'll post a new, unique watch. This isn't just a promotion, but a permanent shift in our business. We can only make a few hundred watches per year, so this initiative matches our production very well.

The Chicago 322 (above) was yesterday's watch (as of now it's already sold... sorry!), and the Chicago 334 (below) is today's watch.

As we launch this new initiative, you can follow along with us on our email list, or via social media. After a couple weeks, we'll have our systems & processes set up and we will launch a new version of our email list for those who would prefer a daily alert. For now, we'll just send one email per week, like we typically do. We call it the Weekly Roundup.

If you know you'd like a daily alert, please reply to this email and we'll put you on the list! Otherwise, another good option is social media, especially Instagram.

Note: some watches sell very quickly, sometimes just minutes after we post them, while others sit on the website for a few days or weeks. For reference, during our 100 Days of Vortic, we sold over 50% of those watches within 48 hours of posting them.

Here's a teaser of a few of this week's watches! You'll have to wait to see more photos of these three amazing Conversation Pieces.

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