We Partnered With Some Friends For This One (August 19th, 2020)

We Partnered With Some Friends For This One (August 19th, 2020)

Your weekly roundup of our last 7 watches from the Watch of the Day program is below, but first, you should check out this awesome sweepstakes we're doing with a few friends. It's definitely something you don't want to miss!


The Weekly Roundup

Here's your weekly roundup from Vortic Watch Company! Check out the last 7 watches from our Watch of the Day program.

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Springfield 247


The Movement and dial inside this watch represent near perfection for us here at Vortic. We think this may have been “new-old-stock” meaning the pocket watch may never have been used. The 21-jewel A. Lincoln movement has a very rare straight line engraving decoration and is aptly named after our famed President. We put the movement inside our 3D printed titanium case with bronzed finish and used a natural distressed brown strap to round it out.


Boston 339


If you look very closely at this extremely rare double sunk grand feu enamel dial you'll notice the Waltham brand right in the center. We think it may have just faded over time, but it is there! The 1907 Waltham Maximus movement inside this watch is also extremely rare and was their highest grade of 12-size pocket watch. Featuring 23 jewels and a stunning engraving, this movement would have been extremely expensive 113 years ago. We put it all in our machined titanium case and used a Horween Oxblood strap to bring out the red from the 5 minute markers on the dial.


Boston 347  


The dial of this watch has some stories to tell. The word patina doesn't quite cover it. We framed the dial in our machined titanium case and used a dark, Coal strap so as to feature that amazing dial. The movement was originally manufactured in 1924 by the Waltham Watch Company. Fun fact, in 1924 the first female governor was elected. Her name was Nellie Ross and she was the governor of Wyoming!


Boston 359


This Waltham dial and movement from 1908 is also one of the cleanest we've seen. The condition is astonishing for its age. What makes this one special though is the font of the numerals on the dial. That script font is something we don't see often, and the unique style it creates is truly special. We decided to frame this nearly perfect movement inside our raw 3D printed titanium case, just to add some texture and help show its age. We used a copper crown and tan strap to "dress it down" a bit.


Springfield 314


We tried to get some up-close images of this dial to showcase the almost weaved pattern. You may have to just trust us that it's even better in person! The movement dial and hands inside this watch were originally manufactured by the Illinois Watch Company in 1925. For our fellow history nerds out there, 1925 was the year The Great Gatsby was published!


Boston 237


The movement, dial and hands inside this watch were originally manufactured by the Waltham Watch Company in 1903. Did you know that 1903 was also the year the first Teddy Bear was sold in the United States? Interesting. We tried to frame this nearly perfect dial inside a black case with a black strap to create a very elegant and traditional black and white look.


Cleveland 037


If you were waiting for the right one... it’s this one. The Cleveland 037 features and absolutely beautiful Antique pocket watch movement and dial originally manufactured in 1927 by the Ball Watch Company. 1927 was an interesting year in America, but one fun fact is that on January 7th, the first transatlantic telephone call was made between New York City and London. Ball didn’t manufacture his own movements, so this 19-jewel beauty is called a Ball-Illinois since, technically it was made by the Illinois Watch Co, but on contract from Ball. We tried our best to photograph this stunning Art Deco dial, but make sure to check out the videos to see the depth of the engraving. It’s spectacular. The original hands are of a style we also don’t see often, featuring the open blocks near the end. If you look closely, you can see that even the second hand matches that style. We preserved this unique piece of American history inside our machined titanium case and used a classic black Horween Shell Cordovan strap. We’re going to send an Oxblood strap along with it since we honestly couldn’t decide which would be best. You can make that decision!

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