Colorado Watch Company

Colorado Watch Company is Vortic's new brand! Five years in the making, we're so excited to show you our new, fully modern, smaller watches featuring an American-assembled automatic movement.

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Colorado Watch Company was successfully funded on Kickstarter!

286 Backers pledged over $350,000 to help us bring our new brand to life. Thank you to everyone who's supported us so far!

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Our Latest Update (March, 2024)

Here's our latest update on Colorado Watch Company!

We produce a monthly YouTubeTV series called "Custer & Wolfe, Building a Watch Company" where we document all the projects we've worked on in the last 30 days and share behind the scenes images and videos of what we make and how we make it.

In this update we discuss the new straps, the change of plans regarding the rubber strap, and making buckles!

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Our February Update

Here's our February 2024 update on Colorado Watch Company!

In this update we discuss a big surprise for our backers... the custom rotor! We also talk about what to do if you missed the boat and didn't back us on Kickstarter. This is the best update to watch if you want to learn about all the different options our Kickstarter backers have to choose from, and what you might see when we release Colorado watches for sale.

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Our First Update

Watch this video to the first update on Colorado Watch Company from the co-founders, R.T. Custer and Tyler Wolfe after the Kickstarter Campaign.

This is our first episode all about Colorado Watch Company and our prototypes. It was filmed during the last few days of our Kickstarter in late 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colorado Watch Company?

Colorado Watch Company is a new sister brand of Vortic Watch Company. All the watches will be built in Vortic's Fort Collins, Colorado manufacturing facility using our nearly 10 years of knowledge and practice.

These watches are different than what you know from Vortic though. They are smaller, less expensive, and use all modern components. Each has a modern automatic movement that's assembled in the USA.

What is Kickstarter and how to the pre-orders work?

Long story short, we launched this brand on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform and successfully raised $350,000 which we will use to finish prototyping and produce this new line of products.

Colorado Watch Company is a new brand backed by Vortic and the products will be made in our Fort Collins, Colorado factory. We accepted pre-orders for one of the first ones through Kickstarter for 30 days, and now we're working on producing those products.

We are provided a great discount on the first of these products in exchange for our customers' time and patience as we set up our manufacturing capabilities and take our time making sure to produce high quality products in the order in which they were received.

When will the watches be made and shipped?

If you pre-ordered on Kickstarter, please look for updates from us Kickstarter and email, but you should receive your watch in May or June of 2024.

If you'd like to order now, please sign up for our email list above, and we'll let you know when we can accept new orders. This will likely be just after our Kickstarter backers receive theirs (Summer 2024).

What size are these new watches?

The Field Watch is 40mm and the GCT Watch is 42mm. Please see our Kickstarter campaign for additional details.

Is there a Military Discount available?

Yes. Active Duty Military and all U.S. Military Veterans can receive 10% off any purchase on by using discount code "Military." A military discount will be available on Colorado Watch Company products once we have them in stock after our Kickstarter campaign. Email us for details.

What does GCT mean?

GCT, during World War II, meant Greenwich Civil Time, the standard European timezone. Now called UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time, it relates to the time at 0 degrees Longitude - the location of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. It was the standard timezone for all Allied forces during the war. Since the GCT watch is inspired by Vortic's Military Edition, that's one of the many ways we plan to integrate those historical stories!

Is the watch waterproof?

The watch industry does not use the term "waterproof." We always say "water-resistant" because every single watch is different, and all customer environments are different. Please see our Kickstarter Campaign for the water resistance of our new watches.

What is the warranty?

All Colorado Watch Company watches come with a 2-year warranty. The bottom line is, if anything ever goes wrong, even after you have the watch for years, we will take care of you. We pride ourselves in our customer service, and we can fix just about anything!

What box or packaging does it arrive inside?

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign for more details, but the new Colorado Watch Company wristwatches will ship in a custom Otterbox Drybox (supporting another Fort Collins, Colorado based company!)

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