The Military Edition - Second Edition

The Military Edition - Second Edition

The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition
The Military Edition - Second Edition }

The Military Edition - Second Edition

Vortic’s only Limited Edition, the Military Edition is a set of 50 wristwatches built from very special antique American pocket watches. The pocket watches inside these wristwatches were originally manufactured for the U.S. Army Air Corps and flown on the B-17s and B-24s (the bomber aircraft) in World War II. It’s the ultimate military watch and has the most provenance of any product we’ve ever made.

Available only on Veterans Day, we will donate $500 from each watch to the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative that trains disabled military vets how to become professional watchmakers. The average unemployment rate for disabled war veterans is 82%, and the funds we donate will put a dent in that figure!

Check out the National News Story here for more details on the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative:

If you've stared at pictures of the Military Edition as long as we have, you'll notice the small difference in the Second Edition. Check out that RED case-tube! We decided to add a bit more color to the Military Edition using this second iteration and added that small red ring inspired by the red accents on the wings and tail of the B-bombers in World War II.

Check out our First Edition unboxing video to see everything included with the watch, especially the two additional straps. The only strap change this year is that we added red stitching to the black strap. Trust us, it works.

NOTE: These watches ship in February 2021.

Watch Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Vortic Watch Company
  • Model Year: 2020 Military Edition
  • Warranty: Full 2-Year Warranty
  • Case Dimensions: 49mm
  • Case Finish: Machined Titanium with Black PVD
  • Crown/Hardware: Machined Titanium with Black PVD
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM
  • Front Crystal: Domed German Glass
  • Back Crystal: Gorilla Glass
  • Case Back: Machined Titanium with Black PVD
  • Hands: Original Antiques
  • Strap #1: Military Canvas with Leather Backing
  • Strap #2: Black Horween Leather with Red Stitching
  • Strap #3: Bomber Jacket Leather with Stitching


  • Original Manufacturer: Hamilton Watch Co
  • Original Serial Number: Varies
  • Manufacture Year: Varies 1938 to 1950
  • Function: Hour, Minute, and Hacking Sweeping Seconds
  • Jewels: 22 Jewels
  • Size: 16size
  • Power Reserve: ~36 Hours


The Pocket Watches

Time In The Skies






Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the Military Edition?

The 50 watches in the Third Edition (2021) of the Military Edition will be $5,995 each.

The 50 watches in the Second Edition of the Military Edition were $5,995.

The 15 watches in the 2020 Special Edition were $7,995.

When and how can I purchase the Military Edition?

The Third Edition of the Military Edition will be offered for sale on Veterans Day (November 11th, 2021) at 12:00 pm Mountain Time. Sign up for our VIP Early Access list, and you will receive an email a few hours ahead of everyone else, giving you exclusive access to pre-order the watch. The First Edition (2019) and Second Edition (2020) sold out in under 8 hours!

When will the watches be made and shipped?

For the Third Edition (2021) we plan to manufacture the watches ahead of time and ship them as they are sold. If we sell out in one day as planned, we'll ship them just as quickly as possible after purchase, likely in 2 - 3 weeks.

What size is the Military Edition

The Military Edition is 49mm in diameter and 58mm lug to lug. The strap is 24mm, tapered to 22mm. The straps have been sized to fit any wrist between 6.5 and 8.5 inches (one size fits all). 

Will you make more Military Edition watches?

The Military Edition will be exclusively available on Veterans Day each year. We do not know how many antique pocket watches we can find in the future, so subsequent sets may have fewer pieces available and will likely sell at a higher price.

Is there a Military Discount available?

Yes. Active Duty Military and all U.S. Military Veterans can receive 10% off any purchase on by using discount code "Military." You will be contacted after purchase for proof of service.

What parts are antique, and what parts are modern?

Just like all watches in Vortic's American Artisan Series, everything inside the watch is an original, restored antique. All internal components, including the dial (face), hands, and movement (gears and springs that tell time), are from a pocket watch built a long time ago. We restore those antique movements using only original parts and then build a custom engineering system around it. Everything you can touch, on the outside of the watch, is modern. This includes the case, glass, leather straps, crown, etc. 

What does GCT mean, and why is it on the antique dial?

GCT, during World War II, meant Greenwich Civil Time, the standard European timezone. Now called UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time, it relates to the time at 0 degrees Longitude - the location of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. It was the standard timezone for all Allied forces during the war.

Since the movement is roughly 70 years old, how well will the watch keep time?

We take care to restore and regulate each one, but "perfect" timekeeping, similar to a modern wristwatch, is not achievable. Each watch will be adjusted to keep excellent time on a day-to-day basis, but there will be variations from watch to watch. We attempt to regulate timekeeping within 30 seconds per day when averaged across all positions. For day to day use, you should not notice any fault in timekeeping.

Is the watch waterproof?

The watch industry does not use the term "waterproof." We always say "water-resistant" because every single watch is different, and all customer environments are different. The Military Edition is rated to 5atm of water resistance, meaning it is perfect for day to day use, but not intended for use while showering or swimming. 

What is the warranty on the Military Edition?

All Vortic watches come with a 2-year warranty. The bottom line is, if anything ever goes wrong, even after you have the watch for 2 years, we will take care of you. We pride ourselves in our customer service, and we can fix just about anything!

What box or packaging does it arrive inside?

Check out the link below for the unboxing of the First Edition! The Second, Third, and Special Editions have some slight changes but those will be a surprise.

Military Unboxing Video


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
MARK RO008697
Just awesome

The watch is magnificent and demands respect for whoever wore it previously.
From the packaging to the watch itself everything is so professionally made. It is always a conversation starter because if it’s looks and then because if it’s history. My favorite watch in my collection.

Thomas Kurtzweil
Historic Watch Beyond Expectation

The title says it all. One cannot truly appreciate this watch just from the photos found online at the website. Once seen in person, one truly appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into reinvigorating this historical timepiece. This watch will continue to live on for many future generations.

Robert Tanke
One of the most unique watch’s I have owned

First of all the presentation is a home run . The fun of opening the cartridge case and removing the various layers/ items added to the surprise of the watch . What a beauty 😀 I must say that the watch keeps perfect time . I could not ask for anything more . Vortic , keep up the great work and keep the surprise coming .

Jonathan Heigel
Vortic Military (2nd Edition)

This is my second Vortic watch and have to say, the company has taken it to a new level. The heritage and fit and finish on the watch are excellent and while any 75 year old movement can be hit or miss, mine keeps better time nearly as good as a modern chronometer. While a large watch, it fits comfortably on my wrist, much akin to a modern sports watch. Love my Vortics!

Jeffrey Shanahan
Great presentation

The watch is everything I had hoped for and the presentation was great. I opened it with my kids and they absolutely loved it. I have worn the watch everyday since I received it.