Entrepreneurs Navigating COVID-19

Entrepreneurs Navigating COVID-19

One of the best things about running a small business is the direct interaction I get to have with my customers like you. So many of our customers are small business owners and entrepreneurs and I can't imagine the hardship that so many of you must be facing.
My friend and I started a YouTube TV Show last year called Products Worth Talking About. It was just a fun weekend project for me for a while but it's really taken off and we're getting great feedback. Last week we started a series of YouTube Live Stream videos targeted at helping other entrepreneurs. 
On April 17th at 2pm MST, 4pm EST, we're having a roundtable discussion with my friends Matt (https://recoupfitness.com/) and Colin (https://sheetsgiggles.com/).
Here's what we're discussing:
 1. How has the crisis impacted your business? 
2. What are you doing about it? 
3. What changes have you made in your business? 
4. How has this impacted your business plan for the future? Now? Next month? Next year? 
5. Did you apply for the emergency loans? Why or why not?
If you want to support these companies and our mission to manufacture things in America please consider donating to our Go Fund Me campaign.
Learn more about our Keep The Lights On For American Manufacturing Campaign by clicking here.


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