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Gifts That Won't Get Stuck on a Boat!

18 Days until Christmas

We have your weekly round-up below, but first...

We wanted to make sure you know all the ways you can give the gift of Vortic this Holiday season! Since we make one new watch each weekday, you'll have about 11 watches to purchase between now and our Christmas shipping cut-off (Monday the 20th), but here are some other ideas for you!


The Otterbox x Vortic Drybox

Did you hear about our partnership with another great Fort Collins, Colorado company... Ottorbox?

Your Vortic watch stays dry and secure with our very own custom OtterBox Drybox. Custom foam insert perfectly cut to fit any Vortic model watch, crushproof, waterproof, made to keep your watch safe from all the elements. This case is perfect for travel, your gym bag, golf bag, etc, and makes for a wonderful Holiday gift!


Vortic Watch Company Gift Cards

Another great option for you is a Vortic Gift Card. Not sure what watch your friend, family, significant other wants from us? Send them a gift card so they can purchase directly from us before someone else gets the one they want!


American Made Watch Straps

If you already own a Vortic watch or want a unique gift for someone who does, get them an extra strap so they can mix up the style!


Here's your Weekly Roundup!

The time is now (pun intended) to pick your one-of-a-kind Vortic Watch. Our team has been working hard to provide you with a variety of unique timepieces. Take a look, there's something for everyone! 

Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day! They tend to sell quickly. 


Today we are excited to present this amazing watch from the Illinois Watch Company, our Springfield 446. We love to find these antique dials that show their age with the right amount of wear and tear. There is nothing more satisfying than incorporating a timeless piece of American manufacturing into our custom gunmetal titanium case. The combination of this aged dial with our nickel-plated crown and cordovan strap brings this watch new life as it begs to be shown off.

As we turn this watch over to reveal the movement within, we are immediately drawn to these fantastic Geneva lines that have been carefully machined all across the different build plates. A perfect balance of precious metal accents lay amongst these nickel-plated bridge plates and wheels, with copper inlaid text as well as brass hardware and gold-plated gears.

This watch was originally produced in 1925 in Springfield, Illinois by the Illinois Watch Company. This was also the same year that the Chrysler Motor Company was established in Detroit, Michigan by Walter Chrysler. Chrysler had taken over a previous venture, the Maxwell Motor Company which had overextended itself and became deeply in debt. The designs and assets were absorbed by Chrysler and eventually phased out years later. 


We are happy to bring you this fantastic watch from the Waltham Watch Company, our Boston 410. Each and every watch that we make has its own story, and the story that this watch could tell is definitely something that we would love to hear. The aged look of this dial is something that will captivate your attention, and keep you exploring every aspect of this unique dial. We chose our machined titanium to contrast the tones of the dial and then went with our copper crown and tobacco strap.

This top-of-line Riverside movement is absolutely breathtaking, with 21 press-fit jewels all throughout. Gold-plated gears hide beneath this intricately machined build plate that shows the true craftsmanship of the time. This watch was originally manufactured in 1923 in Waltham, Massachusetts by the Waltham Watch Company. In March of this year, the first publication of Time magazine was released. The magazine released one publication each week for close to 100 years, cutting back in March of 2020 to bi-weekly releases. 


Here we present this wonderful timepiece from the Elgin National Watch Company, our Chicago 448. We love the small details in the center of the dial, with this incredible craftsmanship displayed to carry your eye around the entirety of the face. We find it interesting to not see the Elgin insignia displayed here, which gives this watch a simple clean look that we really enjoy. We cased this watch in machined titanium which helps the details of the dial and our gold-plated crown really pop.

As we turn this watch over to display the movement within, we immediately are drawn to the subtle aging patina that has grown on this watch over the years of its long life. Adorned by 17 screw-set jewels in these brass raised settings, to pair nicely with the gold-plated gears beneath. Powered by a Moseley regulator and brass balance wheel as well.

This watch was originally produced in Elgin, Illinois in 1922. The Irish Civil War began in June of this year, the result of the Irish people attempting to gain their independence from the British Empire. The conflict lasted all the way until May of 1923.


We proudly bring you this gorgeous watch from the Waltham Watch Company, our Boston 409. We see a lot of unique dials and watch combinations coming through our shop, and watches such as this are part of what really makes us excited to continue to produce one-of-a-kind pieces. This dial draws you in immediately with this incredible design that surrounds each numeral, as well as the double-sunk dial continuing the circular features again and again. The small minute indicators around the outside, as well as the full-moon hands, are the extra details that send this watch over the top. We went with our nickel-plated crown and cased the watch in sandblasted titanium, with nickel-plated hardware throughout.

As if the exterior of this watch wasn’t enough to convince you, the inside will definitely steal your heart. Each and every surface of this movement has been intricately machined with incredible detail, creating visual movement that will keep you exploring all the small details. 21 beautiful jewels are screw set into raised brass settings, with rose-gold gears and a brass balance wheel, keeping everything turning nicely.

This watch was originally produced in Waltham, Massachusetts by the Waltham Watch Company in the year 1900, over 121 years ago! In March of this year, the United States ratifies the Gold Standard Act, making gold the standard currency to base our dollar on and fixing the value of our dollar. We love to ponder just how much gold would have been needed to acquire this watch back when it was originally made!


We are happy to present to you this impeccable timepiece from the Illinois Watch Company, our Springfield 451. We absolutely love how the blue tones of the iridescent case bring out some of the subtleties of the dial and the tones of the numerals. Blued-steel, fine-spade hands fit perfectly and stand out against the soft look of the face with a wonderful amount of wear that shows the age of this watch. We topped it off with our nickel-plated crown and black strap, with stainless steel hardware to match.

This watch is powered by a stunning 17 jewel Autocrat movement that has been inlaid with copper text and brass jewel settings that help the gold-plated gears stand out. Stainless steel hardware shimmers and continues the visual movement that will keep you searching for more fine details. Double-roller escapement on this brass balance wheel acts as a second act of defense to keep the pallet fork on track.

This watch was originally manufactured by the Illinois Watch Company in 1917 in Springfield, Illinois. This was also the year that the patent for the Separable Fastener, better known as the zipper was issued to its inventor, Video Sundback. The name Zipper was used by B.F. Goodrich, which they used on their work boots.


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