Support American Made This Labor Day!

Support American Made This Labor Day!

Your Weekly Roundup of watches is below, but first...

We really enjoyed taking a little trip back in time to learn more about the history behind Labor Day. Working conditions, especially the story of the 'Radium Girls', were nothing to scoff at in the late 19th century in America. We've come a long way and we're excited to be spending this Labor Day doing what we love the most - talking to you all!

2021 Taste of Colorado Marketplace 

Join us this weekend for the Denver community tradition, Taste of Colorado!

This year’s event will take place throughout the streets of Downtown Denver over Labor Day weekend. What better way to celebrate and recognize the achievements of workers than to come together to share our crafts!

The event is being held on 16th Street Mall and we will be located on 16th in between Curtis and Champa across from Ann Taylor Loft. We would love to meet you, share our watches in person, and answer any questions you may have!


Here's your Weekly Roundup!

In a pleasant light of preserving American history, here is your weekly round-up. The time is now (pun intended) to pick your one-of-a-kind Vortic Watch. Our team has been working hard to provide you with a variety of unique timepieces. Take a look, there's something for everyone! 

Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day! They tend to sell quickly. 


Today we are happy to present the Boston 377, an amazing timepiece originally manufactured by the Waltham Watch Company in Waltham, Massachusetts. We love the combination of this dark gunmetal case with the bold numerals and overly large Waltham logo. Blued steel full moon hands bring a touch of color along with this gold plated crown and natural strap. The simplicity and classic feel of this watch make it really stand out in a stunning manner.

As we peek inside the back of this movement we are mesmerized by the unique shape of the build plate and intricate demaskeened pattern all throughout. Beneath all the wonderful patterns on the nickel plate are gold-plated gears to bring some visual balance and wow factor, as well as 17 screw-set and friction-set jewels. This watch was originally produced in 1919, still moving strong all these years later. This was a year when World War I was finally coming to an end and troops were returning home to America. It was also the year that the Bentley Motor Company was originally founded in North London.


Here's the spectacular Springfield 424, a one-of-a-kind watch originally manufactured by the Illinois Watch Company in Springfield, Illinois. We absolutely love the subtly aged feel of this dial, with these worn numerals giving a nod to what would have been bright gold at an earlier time in its history. The blued steel open-kite hands pop nicely from the light feel of the face and grab your attention to take it all in. We chose our machined titanium case and gold-plated crown to accentuate the finer details and add to the overall motif.

The movement inside this watch is a truly special high-end timepiece from Illinois, the Capitol. Adorned with 19 beautiful jewels and rose-gold gears powering everything nicely, this watch is sure to be shown off time and time again. The checkerboard machined golden pattern on the bridge plate and brass hardware makes this watch stand out amongst others. We finished the whole look with our gorgeous stout strap, and couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out. Originally manufactured in 1923, also the same year that Louis Armstrong made his very first recording. Chimes Blues was written by King Oliver and performed by King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band featuring Louis Armstrong on the coronet. It quickly became known as the jazz standard.


Please help us welcome The Springfield 421 to our lineup. We are in love with how this rustic dial with all of its character plays well with our Yukon strap and knurled copper crown. This double-sunk dial draws you in with its intricate features in the center, and shows its age with plenty of wear and tear around the numerals. These very clean dark blue steel hands bring a crisp contrast to the soft face and machined titanium case.

The movement within this watch is sure to attract attention with this amazing design, intricately machined throughout the multiple build plates. Rose-gold gears peek beneath, as well as a brass balance wheel featuring a double-roller escapement. Adorned with 17 screw-set jewels to accurately power the numerous gears within. This watch was originally manufactured by the Illinois Watch Company in Springfield, Illinois in 1923. Also in this same year, Yankee Stadium officially opens its doors in The Bronx, the home of the New York Yankees baseball team


We are happy to present to you this incredibly rustic and beautiful antique watch from the Illinois Watch Company, the Springfield 366. We can’t stop looking at the amazing character on this dial, evenly worn and aged throughout. The subtle floral pattern on the inside of this double sunk dial adds to the interest and brings you in for a second look. Full moon dark blue steel hands pair well with our navy strap and are accented by a nickel-plated crown and hardware. This dark gunmetal titanium case ties everything together nicely, giving this watch a modern flare to an antique look.

The power behind this watch is none other than the A. Lincoln grade movement from Illinois. This grade of watch was originally dedicated to the late president and boasts an amazing 21 jewels. In contrast to the unique dial, the inner workings of this movement look almost brand new. These intricate Geneva lines machined into the build plates along with stainless steel hardware immediately grab your attention and keep your eyes exploring every aspect of the build space. Rose gold gears and a brass balance wheel shine through from beneath and bring some extra attention to the classy feel of this watch.

This watch was originally produced by the Illinois Watch Company in Springfield, Illinois in 1921. This is also the year in which Congress approved the burial of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. The tomb is made up of three levels of marble and granite, with the large marble pieces being sourced from an area near Gunnison, Colorado.


We bring you this incredibly unique watch from the Elgin National Watch Company, the Chicago 437. Most of the movements we source come to us without their original case, as the cases themselves are often taken for the precious metals they are made of. This watch pays homage to its original case with this incredible octagonal design around the outside, which would have been the shape of the case that housed this watch. The design continues on the center of the dial, carefully machined with these intricate patterns that immediately draw you in for a second look. We matched the gold-colored dial with our gold crown and hardware, topping it off with our very classy black cordovan strap.

Once you turn this watch over to reveal the inner workings, you will find even more character to tell its story. A nicely aged patina throughout the build plates shows its age, with gold-plated gears and a brass balance wheel bringing some contrast and color to the visual landscape. A very intricate pattern has been delicately machined into the build plate, subtly showing through upon second glance. We love the storied past of these watches and hope that this watch will continue to continue its legacy.

This watch was originally produced in Elgin, Illinois in 1923 a little outside of Chicago. This is also the same year that the Sahara Desert was traversed by automobiles for the very first time.


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