Watch of the Day is Back

Watch of the Day is Back

Your Watch of the Day is back, and it's below with all kinds of great information, but first, make sure you check out this Spring Sweepstakes we have with FindKeep.Love! Click on the Enter Now button to be taken to the landing page where you will input your email address and zip code to be entered to win!


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Watch of the Day: The Cleveland 039


The Watch of the Day is back with the Cleveland 039. Starting today, and as many days per week as we can, we'll have one, new, one-of-a-kind watch available for purchase at They'll go live exactly at 12:00pm Mountain Standard time and when they sell, they're gone. To be clear, there is only one of these. Each piece is completely unique. We'll kick off this week with 3 watches, next week we'll have 4 (Monday to Thursday), and after that we hope to scale up even more!

The Ball Watch Company was founded in 1891 in Cleveland, Ohio after Webb C. Ball was appalled by the lack of accuracy and timekeeping standards observed by the Railroad Industry.

 Many close calls and deadly train crashes due to poor timekeeping inspired him to produce a better system. He created the “Ball Time Service,” which had a series of criteria to ensure that all railroad conductor’s watches kept perfect time or close to it. According to this system, conductors submitted their watches for inspection every two weeks to confirm that their watch maintained proper performance.

 This particular movement features 19 Jewels in raised, gold, screw-down settings that give the movement excellent visual dimensionality. The rose gold gear train, polished and decorated ratchet wheels, and Geneva striped bridges only add to this movement’s pedigree. In terms of performance, this piece has a double roller escapement (part of Ball’s standards for watches; promotes consistency and prevents issues like overbanking) and a reed whipspring regulator to keep the hairspring in place.

The dial displays a textured finish with a mild green patina from almost 100 years of use. The movement was manufactured in 1927. We think the moss green strap makes the subtle coloring of the dial and printed black numerals pop beautifully. Our machined titanium case has a black DLC coating that pairs well with the dark numerals and rustic, blued steel, diamond hands.


Did you see our interview with Rico's Watches?!

Eric from Rico's Watches Podcast interviewed co-founder R.T. Custer and asked all about the history of the company, the huge lawsuit everyone's talking about, and what's next for Vortic Watch Company! Make sure you check it out here!


Sweepstakes Rules:

“No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited. Eligibility and Sweepstakes subject to Official Rules and Consumer Disclosure.”

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