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The Chicago 236 (46mm)
John Barylsky
Chicago 236

Simply awesome! The easy to read aged dial with blue hands matched with the Titanium case is a perfect combination, definitely the watch for me!


I love my Vortec watch! The beautiful case, crown, and band compliment the antique movement and face perfectly. Bella and Kyle were great to work with. I am so very pleased with my purchase!

These tshirts are AWESOME!

I love my America wasn't assembled tee! I have gotten so many compliments and it's one of the most comfortable shirts I own. The team at Vortic is awesome and I really appreciate what you all stand for!

The Boston 306 (46mm)
James Laurila

Love my new Vortic watch! A perfect match of a Waltham watch movement in a fine new Vortic watch body! Beautiful and functional. A fantastic, unique concept for watch making! Thanks!

Tremendous reception

Watch is envy of many. Love it!

Renewed life to amazing pocket watches

Couldn’t be more impressed with the case finishing on this watch. The dial and movement on mine are so impressive — some feat for an almost century old watch. Bravo for helping bring renewed life to these wonderful watches!

Incredible craftsmanship

Not only is the watch very well made, it all starts with a historical time piece made in 1928. It’s so inspiring to wear this and keep this American made watch living on for a long time.

Excellent experience beginning to end

I ordered a custom watch, and the process was smooth sailing. The process followed every step that had been laid out on their website, and they were responsive when I had questions (and I had many). They went the extra mile to make sure my deadline was made, and we couldn't be happier with the end result! Everything from the packaging to the delivery was perfect. Craftsmanship can't be beat. Thanks so much!

South Bend Beauty

This is my second watch from Vortic and I'm amazed by how this watch turned out. Also amazed that even with a bad movement that I sent them, they were able to find another movement for the face of this watch that matched. This watch was not a sentimental piece but I love the face of this watch so much, I wanted to see it built. Very impressed with their work and I can't wait for when they start doing the Railroad editions again. The first watch they did for me was a family heirloom that never worked in my lifetime and it was a railroad watch. They brought the original movement back to life and created a beautiful working piece of art I can pass down to my son.

Something old, something new

This is my 2nd conversion from Vortic. The upgraded cases look so much nicer than my first 3D titanium - although, it has character in itself. Watch is beautiful, wears wonderfully and a standout conversation piece. It’s a 1 of 1 and I’m fortunate enough to hold it for the next generation. Love it! Can’t wait for my 3rd.

The Lancaster 096 (46mm)
Michael-Scott Earle
Great watch

My 2nd Vortic. This one is a bit more "dressy" than my first. I'm already looking at a third one. I think I have an addiction.

Lancaster 092

I have worked in the watches and jewelry industry for years now, this watch is great. A mix of history and craftsmanship. My family has been visiting Lancaster since I was a kid so always wanted a Hamilton watch.

A story on your wrist..

You can never say no a really nice watch, but to have a one that also has its own individual backstory is something I love.
My Vortic has its own unique wrinkles, bumps and history wrapped up in a modern case.
I think everyone with a collection (no matter how small) should have one, just to be a subtly different, and remind us all of the ingenuity and history behind great watchmaking.

Outstanding Craftsmanship

I love everything about my Vortic watch! It's obvious they consider every intricacy of the mechanism during restoration. The watch itself is beautiful, but the history behind the original restored watch is priceless! The overall craftsmanship of everything is outstanding! My watch is now a functioning piece of art and history that I will be able to pass down for generations to come!

The Chicago 434 (46mm)
Howard Sklamberg
A beautiful piece of history

I purchased a Chicago 434 and absolutely love it. It’s wonderful thinking about wearing a time piece made in 1916. It’s not only beautiful, with a sturdy and comfortable case, but it also works very well. It runs about 5 seconds from correct time per day, which is remarkable for an antique. (Many modern movements don’t do that). The movement is beautiful to look at, as well.

I love what Vortic is doing!!

It is not often that you find something that is original and one of one. The watch that I purchased will be the only one of its kind. To have a pocket watch that was used 100 years ago on my wrist is a fantastic feeling.
This watch will be a conversation starter wherever I go.

Awesome! Just order and don’t worry!

In Love

Vortic is a company we’ve been watching for years, we even toured their facility because we think they are so awesome. My boyfriend knew exactly what he wanted for his watch and this one hit every mark. I got it for his birthday as a surprise, he got tears in his eyes when he opened it because it’s so special to him. We love the history behind these pieces, we love the company that makes them and I know this watch will be loved for generations to come!

Can't open yet

Have to wait till my B day June 11 the 😱😱

Boston 393

My Vortic Boston timepiece is a treasure. The attention to detail is on point: the milling of the case is flawless; the movement runs with quiet precision; and all functions of the crown are distinct, yet smooth. Few things today are built to last a lifetime, this watch is the exception. Well done.

Love my Vortic Military Watch

My military watch is awesome. Love the look and feel. The extra bands gives me the option to change it up. If you are looking for historical and most important to me, unique, this is the watch for you.

Nice job

Enjoying the watch.

Heritage Railroad Edition

This watch was everything I expected and more. The wait was well it. I have so many compliments on my new time piece. I will be a continue customer and walking time piece Advertisement for this company. Well Done

Perfect way to preview a watch

The watch builder at Vortic was a perfect way for me to turn my old pocket watch into an attention getting conversation piece. The system allowed me to create an image of what the finished product would be. The actual watch looked identical to the preview. And the watch itself is incredible. The fit and finish on the case, the refurbishment of the movement and the way the team treated me throughout the process were all world class. I am already looking forward to my next project with the team.

Excellent article

Great read I’m glad Vortic is doing my watch. Remember to help the little guy.

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