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Adairsville, GA

I am a designer and wanted an American watch, intrigued by the Vortic story, craftsmanship and heritage. Needless to say I am very happy with my unique timepiece.

The Boston 433 (46mm)
Steve Chisholm
If only it could talk…

Thanks again for doing what you do. My new (well, it’ll be 100 in a couple more years!) watch is a total joy. Whenever I look at the patina on the face I wonder who carried this pocket watch in 1924. Did they keep it for years or has it “been around”? So much history there. And looking at the back, it still amazes me to see the incredible detail work that was done by Waltham back then. I’m completely happy with my purchase and now have begun saving up for a Railroad Edition. Thanks you guys!

Beautiful Watch

I heard about this company from Mr. Wonderful and they did not disappoint. The watch is beautiful and sits comfortably on my wrist despite the large dial. It is well made and looks nice with the leather strap. I'm not sure if its' water resistant but I wouldn't wear it in a pool. This is not the most expensive or luxurious watch I own but it is definitely one of my favorites. It is unique and I love the history behind it. Definitely a conversation starter.

0001 Railroad

After an exhaustive search for a luxury watch...I found it. My sentimental desire to honor my grandfather who was a railroad conductor led me to the Vortic Boston Railroad 001. The precise workhorse movement crafted into the beautiful timeless case and aesthetics make this a legacy timepiece for me that I will pass on to my son one day. Beautiful in every regard. Congratulations to you all for delivering such craftsmanship and quality in a watch market that is all too often sizzle without substance...not the case at Vortic.

Watch band replacement

I stopped by vortic watch to see if they could replace my watch band. I wear my watch every day and after five years it was time to get it replaced. The staff went above and beyond by also giving me a tour of the facility. The leather band was extremely high quality and fit well from day one. Also they were able to demagnetize my watch. They were busy, but took time out their day to help me out. A first class operation.

A 1919 Elgin on my wrist… how cool is that!

Vortic did a wonderful job restoring and making new my 1919 vintage Elgin watch. I’m super happy with the results and would love to do another watch with them in the future. Stay tuned!

Great Watch and Better Customer Service

Watch is great, very accurate and looks great on the wrist. It does sit on the heavy side so be conscious of that when ordering. I will note that the face has either some dirt or manufacturing imperfections (from 100 years ago so not really an actual problem). On another note, the customer service has been fantastic, I had an issue catching UPS at the right time so I worked with Kyle to get it redirected and it arrived sooner than expected and in awesome condition. Overall I would order again and recommend it highly.

I love this watch

Absolutely love this watch.

The Springfield 467 (46mm)
Richard Breeland

This watch is beautiful. The size, quality, history, functionality, all make it a really cool timepiece. Congrats guys on a new twist to 'watchmaking'. You nailed it!

The Chicago 453 (46mm)
Patrick Castellanos
My new favorite watch.

I have a GS and Omega but this now my favorite watch. I get so many compliments. I love how unique this piece is.

Vortic Watch Box
Chris Vargo

Thank you. My watch box arrived in a timely manor. It’s a great product, and my Lancaster looks great in it.

Unique one of a kind wrist watch from a beautiful pocket watch!

This was literally the first time I had a chance to see Vortic’s email on Watch Of The Day. I could not believe my luck that the one I would have picked out from several watches on that day was still available for sale. It happens to have a very clean dial and nice overall design, so it is simultaneously very old but almost pristine in every way. It is just a beautiful jewel to behold. Thanks!

Vortic Military Edition - Promoted

Vortic Watch's Military Edition watch is a work of art which combines history with elegant craftmanship. The attention to detail is amazing. Thank you to Vortic for supporting our military and preserving history in the process. .

Old Soldier

Amazing restoration of history! As one who received my grandfather's Hamilton used during WWII when he was in the US Army Air Corps serving in the Pacific, I'll cherish this watch as a family heirloom to be handed down to my son - along with his great grandfather's "time piece". Many thanks to your company and the Vets who restored it!

Timeless and fun

Met RT at the one of a kind show in Chicago. He was super fun and light hearted. I ask him why the watches were priced the way they are. He went through his education background and explained the process of making the watches from retired pocket watches. I walk around the show and couldn’t stop thinking of the watch. I went back to buy it and went through the process of buying it and even took the time to showed me the other watches coming out.
I love my watch and I am wearing it as I type.

Piece of Military History

This watch shows the craftsmanship that Vortic displays. It also represents a unique piece of military history.

Incredibly unique and an absolute eye catcher

My new favorite watch to wear out, it’s a conversation starter with a great story. Love throwing props toward Vortic Watch Co.

Even better on the wrist then I imagined! Fantastic piece that I will wear with pride.

The Original “Original”!

2nd Military Edition watch purchased. First was given as a very special gift. So I decided to buy myself a very special Christmas Gift this year. An “original” refurbishment of the “original” historic watch used by WWII navigators from the greatest generation ever to live. Thank you VORTIC for keeping the history alive. The country needs this now more than ever.

Deluxe Masterpiece!

This is what American made is and should be, this is the standard of what we’ve always heard about American made. This is a time piece that can be worn with anything anywhere. The top conversation piece in a overcrowded market place of watches that are all basically the same look, this is a stand alone watch.

The Lancaster 105 (46mm)
Charles Wolfred

Absolutely wonderful piece. I get compliments on it regularly, and several people have asked me where they can get one. They’re also interested in getting one of a kind, attractive, and stylish watches for themselves. Very happy with this, the other model I have, and more to come!

Fantastic Timepiece

It’s the wrist well movement is finished and runs beautifully!

The Springfield 441 (46mm)
Richard Marthaler

I have been watching Vortices watch of the day for a year or more. On Oct 15 Springfield 441 said take me home. My first reaction was wow! With outstanding fit and finish it has a great and unique look and accurate timekeeping I love the watch I have but will keep my eye on watch of the day.

The Boston 382 (46mm)
William Socha
I Love My Vortic Watches!

I have over 50 watches with brands that include Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin but one of my favorite watches is my Vortic, The Boston 382. I love looking at it and I love sharing the story of my over 100 year old watch movement. Lots of fun!!!

Grandfather’s Pocket Watch

This was a dream come true having my grandfather’s watch restored to a modern timepiece.

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