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1902 Hampden McKinley 21 jewel 16 size watch conversion

We live in Colorado & met RT & Tyler at a local event. The sheer idea of taking a 100+ year-old family heirloom pocket watch and putting it on my wrist was mind-blowing for me. This watch had been sitting in my dresser for nearly 40 years and had very little use from my mom & grandparents. The Vortic team was very kind, professional and informative to work with - up front they told me that they were busy and it might be months until the final watch was complete. But along the way I visited the shop to see everything and everyone up close. As an engineer, the whole shop was full of eye candy and high tech equipment. Wow, what a facility! They even have a shop dog. And the Vortic story is both fascinating and compelling. These people know what they are doing and put their hearts into their work - highly educated, skillful and proud of their products. I cannot overstate how magic it feels to wear my one of a kind, custom watch. It’s a Hampden McKinley from 1902 with a custom, bronzed titanium case. The watch is stunning! And it’s worth every penny and clearly worth my time. As an avid F1 fan who has an eye on high-end time pieces, my watch from Vortic is everything I ever wanted at a fraction of the cost. My wife is grateful too. Thank you to each of you at Vortic - I won’t get too deep into names but I know that you know how much this means to me.

Colorado Watch Company Logo Hat
Christopher Roemmer

Colorado Watch Company Logo Hat


Hats were good. Now get to work on those Colorado watches!

Looking good

Well made, comfortable, great saying and logo. Thank you

Beautiful, unique piece.

The only watch like this in existence, for now. My very own Piece Unique. It's just as represented on the website. I've been working in G-Shock conditions recently, so I've only had a chance to wear it once. Despite being very big, it wears comfortably and has an audible tick that I love. Having a beautiful piece of history on my wrist is nice. Love it!


The pictures on the website did not do this timepiece justice. When I opened the box I just went WOW, it is beautiful.
I had some time constraints with shipping as I was only in the US for a few days.
I sent an email and Andy saw it and shipped it out next day air.
The otterbox is an added surprise.....stil can't figure out where the pressure release is.
If you are looking for something to put on your wrist that is cooler than what anyone else has this is it.

The Boston 022 (45mm)
Damon Williams
A work of art that you can wear

The company is wonderful and unique. The watches they produce are beautiful sturdy american-made and pieces of American history. A true pleasure. I enjoyed talking with R.T and a number of people at the company every interaction has been wonderful. The watch is truly beautiful and a wonderful design the case is well constructed and nicely finished the strap bars are extremely sturdy and well made unique design. I love the history of the movement dialing hands and how they've complemented it with the winding stem material and design along with the strap color. A true work of art I so enjoy the sound that the movement makes as well as getting to see it motion through the exhibition case back. I am truly blessed to be able to own one of these watches. Sincerely Damon Williams

Better in person

My watch has exceeded any expectations I had developed from seeing them online. It is 1000 times better in person. Also the customer service has been fantastic! Such a unique watch- I love it!

The Lancaster 199 (47mm)
Patrick W Knobbe
Beautiul Watch

As good as the photos are on the Vortic website, they don't do it justice. Vortic gave new life to a 95 year old pocket watch. Amazingly beautiful one-of-a-kind piece which will be enjoyed for many more years.

The Boston 014 (45mm)
Joseph Mercier
A Beautiful Piece of American History

I have wanted to own a Vortic since I first discovered the company right after they where founded. I read about them in one of my watch magazines and have followed the company ever since. In fact I purchased an early version of the " American Artisan" tee shirt. I had the pleasure of meeting R.T. Custer at the Atlanta Intersect watch show. He had the Boston 014 with him and I feel instantly in love with the watch. The level of skill and craftsmanship that is put into these pieces is incredible! When you pick one of these watches up and hold it in your hand, you immediately realize that you are holding a piece of history. My Boston 014 is 100 years old this year and I am thrilled to be it's current owner. I would bet that 100 years from now, one of my relatives will be holding this watch in their hand telling the story of how I acquired it in Atlanta, Georgia from a guy named R.T. Custer, the Founder of Vortic and The Colorado Watch Company. Thanks R.T., you made my dream of owning a Vortic watch come true! What are the rest of you waiting for?

Vortic Logo Hat
Kirt Engstrom

Quality hat

Vortic Logo Hat
John Tringali
New Vortic Hat

Ever since I bought my watch I was waiting for them to restock the hats. That day finally came. Not only was I happy to get one because frankly they look cool, but I am more than happy to help promote the brand when wearing it. I am a huge fan of Vortic, what they do, and stand for. Buy a hat with confidence! If it can fit my tall egghead well, it can fit any head well!

Everything about this watch is excellent. Could not have a better experience.

How can I purchase a second strap from Vortic?

I love my “new” Vortic watch. I also want to purchase a second leather strap, but cannot find them on the Vortic website. Please help me!

The Springfield 031 (45mm)
Richard Worthington
Great Watch !

I have several vintages watches , including my grandfather's 1907 Elgin pocket watch. I have always loved looking at the amazing mechanisms inside and thought it was a shame to have them hidden away in the case . My new watch , the Springfield, Made by the Illinois watch company is a striking watch, made so much better by the display of its amazing mechanism. A great addition to my collection!

3rd watch is still a charm!

My favorite watch so far with most excellent customer service personally BY THE COMPANY FOUNDER helping me receive it before Christmas.
Could not possibly be more pleased with all 3 watches…so unique, historic and beautiful!!!!
Thank you Vortic!

The Military Edition - 2023 Special Edition

Do you have that tingly feeling? Embrace it!

If you are like me, you see the Vortic watches and you get that goose bump sensation and your heart beats a bit faster and you wonder if they are really as wonderful and beautiful and eye-catching as they appear. They are, believe me. I now proudly own two Vortic watches and certainly plan to purchase more. These are all statement pieces of the highest quality. You will not be disappointed one bit.

Amazing Piece!!!

This watch is beautiful in all black and the red stitching on the watch band really pops. It’s simply awesome. It brings the collection together really well. Te one draw back I have is that I wish they would’ve kept the Military Edition and year on the clasp like the two years prior. It was a nice additional custom touch that played in well with the watches story. These new clasps don’t go well with the uniqueness of the piece, they look very generic and non flattering with the rest of the watches combined make up.

2023 Special Edition

I received immediate positive comments and intrigue the moment I started wearing the watch - from the material, history, look, size and of course where to get.

People were extremely impressed by the overall look as well as displaying the functions on the inner side.

For me, it represents a piece of history that I can wear and enjoy. Being a military veteran, it embraces much of the values that resonated during my career - if you are going to do something- do it right! This watch symbolizes this for me.

I will cherish this watch and wear with pride!

The missing timepiece

Due to your screw up re incorrect zip code, I have yet to receive product. I spoke to Thayne who told me UPS has the watch but no more information. I have never experienced such incompetence. However I'll bet my credit card was charged. Some consideration should be made in my favor for this inconvenience.

Stunning work of art which honors history

Military Edition Watch

Such a great watch, and the experience of picking it up and unpacking the watch really add to the enjoyment. What a good group of guys!

Its amazing knowing you're wearing a piece of history. The quality is immediately recognized, truly makes a statement to anyone that sees it!

My first Vortic

Absolutely stunning watch. I had researched online for months. After seeing the watches in person at the Fountain Hills festival I knew I had to have one. The Boston 472 was made in 1924, the year my grandfather was born in Boston so it was meant to be. The compliments have been pouring in, and I’m already eyeing my next timepiece from Vortic!

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