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Chicago 405

The watch is amazing. It is not only gorgeous, but has the history to match.
Exceeded my expectations, which were already high based on the website and other customer feedback.

American history

Let me tell you I own a lot of nice watches but this watch truly makes you feel like your wearing a piece of American history on your wrist it’s absolutely beautifully done

Vortic T- Shirt

Great shirt which I will a lot.

Heritage Watch

Fantastic. Everything one could hope for and then some

Excellent Quality Watch Roll

The workmanship and look of this watch roll are top notch. I have been using it for about a week and can see that the leather will condition beautifully over time. Also, the pockets fit my Vortic watch well, but other watches fit nicely and I can open/close the roll with ease. I would definitely buy this again if I were in the market in the future.

Vortic Rocks!

I am fully satisfied with my purchase. It’s exactly what I wanted. I love their watches and other products. Keep on assembling.

10/10 my favorite hat now

From a company that specializes in watches, I wasn’t expecting such a great quality hat! I also got the shirt they sell and it’s really comfortable

A watch collectors shirt

This shirt is made for watch people

Comfortable fitting T-Shirt

Looks good, feels good. I will wear this to the gym to work out and show off the slogan.

Vortic t-shirt

Good quality and price point--fun t-shirt!

America Wasn't Assembled T-Shirt

Love the hat

Nice looking hat. I can’t afford anything from Voritc right now (though one day I hope to) so this is a nice substitute for the time being.

America Wasn't Assembled T-Shirt

Great experience

Great shirt

Great shirt SUPER soft fabric!

Great t-shirt! The design is nice and clear and the fabric is very soft feels vintage!


Nice T-shirt and good craftsmanship on the leather

A true horological marvel!

Vortic is a company with a unique vision and a fantastic set ideals that enable it to produce some of the most interesting and beautiful watches I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. I am proud to be the owner, and guardian for posterity, of one of these pieces and I truly look forward to my next Vortic acquisition!

Absolutely phenomenal

The quality of this hat is unrivaled. There is no question that this company puts tons of love and passion into their products.

A beautiful piece of history

A beautiful looking watch from 1926 that matched the site's pictures exactly. While Elgin did the hard work with the face, hands and movement, Vortic did a great job building a quality case to support & enhance those elements. The band is also high quality. If I had one thing to complain about, it's the copper fob on a black and silver watch. I get what Vortic was going for, I'm just not sure that was the best choice for this watch (or me).

Super cool watch with good design and historical significance

An attractive repacking of a good looking vintage watch movement. A great way to give an old watch new life. The best feature is that it is a piece unique, nobody else will have this watch and few will have as cool a watch.

Great vintage Elgin

A really nice looking watch that wears well and keeps excellent time. The design of the lugs allows it to fit well on my average sized wrist even though it is a large watch. I really like the strap - the leather is super flexible, nicely tanned.

Single Leather Watch Case

Great Watch

Single Leather Watch Case
Florida Key Leather Watch Case

Leather watch case I purchased from Vortic in September 2020 was handmade in key Largo, Florida. The white stitching is beautiful. The leather has already broke in and developed a nice patina. Carries two medium/small watches: 36mm (small Shinola) to 39 mm (Detroit Watch Company).

Classic Look!

I bought this for my wedding and am beyond satisfied. It keeps time we’ll and looks great! I especially like the crown being on the right rather than the top.

My husband’s watch collection

I purchased this watch for my husband’s birthday. He has quite a watch collection. He is thrilled with his Vortic watch and it has gone to the top of his watches as his favorite!!