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The Boston 480 (47mm)
Eiman AnsariBenam
The Boston 480

I think watchs like this with painting are beter than the others

Elite Watch

Amazing watch! It's very stylish but doesn't look to flashy. Going to add a clasp to save some wear and tear on the strap.

A great strap for a great watch

Handsome, soft, and American made. This strap complements the classic look of the vortic watch perfectly. And it fits my enormous wrist. Bonus.

Great watch, very helpful

I’ve had my watch almost 3 years. With a 100 year old time piece you need to understand there will be bumps. About a year or two in the winding wasn’t as good but they serviced it and it works great. My daily wear for sure and a great conversation piece.

Victory Watch - First Batch

I love this smaller size Vortic Watch to add to my collection! I am thrilled to have the first batch of The Victory Watch series. Not only does the watch history, of each watch, interest me but now we have the history behind The Victory Watch series. See the Vortic Website for details!

Military Watch

Very happy w/ Military Wach! … It is a large watch but sits well on your wrist and frankly “is just really neat”! My father was in Army Air Corp in WWII, not a pilot, but was a maintenance / mechanic for B-29 bombers serving on Tinian & Saipan while the US bombed Japan. Great customer service from Vortic and great product.

Absolutely stunning!

I am blown away with how gorgeous this watch is. I've seen some Vortic watches at the Watch and Clock Museum, but it still didn't prepare me for what it was like to hold it in my hand. As I have a smaller wrist, I thought it may be too heavy or too large for me, but it wears smaller than you would expect and weighs less than my daily stainless diver with bracelet. They do an amazing job with these. I couldn't be more excited.

Amazing History

I love wearing my Elgin Chicago. Everyone ask about it and I love telling the story of the life of the time piece.

Awesome Watch!!!

Thanks to the Vortices Team for the tour and great insight into how they create such awesome watches. After touring their operation and seeing the work and attention to detail they put into every piece, I knew I had to have one. I’m a big Jack Ryan series fan and already loved the Military Edition but when I found out that TWO of the main actors would be wearing the 4th Edition Military Watch, I picked out my very own! I absolutely love it and look forward to wearing it for years to come!

The Chicago 535 (47mm)
Joel Davidson
Beautiful watch

I've had this watch for a few weeks now, and it's just fantastic. It looks great and keeps great time. Have gotten lots of positive comments from many people about it, and of course have been talking up the mission of Vortic!

Boston Railroad 004

It's not often you can find a 105 year old watch to wear on your wrist. The watch and case look fantastic. Strap is perfectly paired. I highly recommend your watches to anyone who asks.

The most unique watch I own

Not only is this thing absolutely gorgeous between the clean well made case, the super unique face and back, and the handmade strap, but the history behind this thing is awesome! A person or persons actually used this to help the country function. Not only does Vortic take a piece of American History and make it into a cool wearable modern product, but Vortic itself represents the American dream.

Great Watch

Have been eyeing Vortic for some time but finally bought the Springfield 595. Very easy to wear despite the size. Quite light on the wrist. Several compliments so far

Absolutely Beautiful!

My new favorite watch! To have a piece of 100+ year old history on my wrist seems so surreal. Imagine the people who had carried the pocket watch in the past…

The quality of the watch is fantastic and it was beautifully assembled. The concept of Vortic Watches is brilliant and I couldn’t be more pleased with my watch. Thanks everyone!

Incredible Piece of History

I stumbled on Vortic Watch Co when I was searching for watch repair tech schools to attend. Out of curiosity I was curious what Vortic was let alone did. The mission and purpose of the company fascinated me. I have long been a fan of pocket watches from afar and found their process and reincarnation of these lost pieces into wearable wristwatches. I immediately submitted a Hamilton RR B929 for conversion. While weeks away from that happening I saw the military edition. With luck there were only a few of the 4rh EDs left. I pondered for some time but took the dive and ordered it. To say the least I am thrilled with the watch. It’s exquisite, accurate, historical, and lost to time until now. I wear it proudly and daily with caution and care. The packaging alone is a presentation on its own. Since only 40 of this edition are made per year and as it becomes more difficult finding these pieces, I had a good idea of their rarity. And with an unknown how much longer these would be produced by Vortic, and limited supply impacting price at some point, it was a “now or never” decision. High cost/investment? Yes, by far. But it just doesn’t speak to the purpose and drive of what makes Vortic ‘tic’ and owning a true piece of something made in America, full of history, and debut. I would give 10 stars if I could. Just double the rating!

The Military Edition - Fourth Edition

Unique Beautiful Quality Timepiece

The watch is beautiful, functional, historical, unique and works perfectly. The history and the 100 percent made in the USA is like no other watch. It’s besutiful patriotic functioning art! I would by more if I could - many more!

Vortic Logo Hat Camo
Garrett Rickert
Camo Hat

The leather patch on the camo hat looks sharp, real nice. It’s the best quality patch / logo I have on any hat.

Great hat!

Great hat, love Vortic! Everything they produce is sheer quality!

amazing watch

I have many high end watches, and this is one of the best watches. so much history, very unique and very well made. catches everyone eye.

Just can't have enough

My 2022 Military Special Edition is absolutely stunning. It's the third Vortic watch in my collection. I think I have an addiction now!!

Vortic Military - Absolutely Love It!

This is my second Vortic and as a watch a collector I have Zenith's, Panerai's, Tudor's, Breitlings, Glasshuette and this is now my favorite watch. To be honest, I am blown away with Vortic's watches and the high end luxury brands do not compare to the craftsmanship and uniqueness of these watches. Vortic is creating a new category of watches in the luxury watch space - small batch, handcrafted, American made! You don't have to like it, you have to love it! This is the type of product where you can feel the love that went into making it.

The Boston 466

Absolutely love the watch. Everything I was looking for and more. Couldn't be happier.

Military Special Edition

This is my second Vortic Watch and I will be a Vortic member for Life. It was a wait for this watch and so I took some time with it before leaving a review. Roughly a month in on use and I am amazed. It really has an accurate time keeping ability. The size and style are perfect, though the story is what it is that I am wearing. The story the history, I am honored. The case and stand superb, One, only One thing I would work on for future productions. In a watch this expensive I would love the crown to be easier to wind. Every morning I wind the watches for the house and the Elgin GCT is by far the toughest. Though I take this with a grain of salt and as long as I can wind this thing with my fingers I am most pleased. Thank you Vortic and greatest wishes to the veteran in training.

A Homerun Every Time!

As an owner of the first military edition l, I thought Vortic already had outdone their reputation. An amazing piece, veteran support, and great style.

Then the 2022 special edition was shown. I had no plans for another watch but I couldn’t resist knowing their craftsmanship and style.

This watch is gorgeous. The white face, the red painted sweeping second hand and the bronzes housing with leather band. How could they out do themselves? Well they did.

This watch is stunning. Comments from numerous bystanders and on lookers when I’m out. A pinnacle to my collection. I couldn’t be happier with this watch, Vortics customer service, and their quality.

You can not go wrong with any one of their watches. They are beautifully crafted and stunning in person.

I am a fan for life and forever grateful for their veteran support.

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