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Heritage Railroad Edition

This watch was everything I expected and more. The wait was well it. I have so many compliments on my new time piece. I will be a continue customer and walking time piece Advertisement for this company. Well Done

Perfect way to preview a watch

The watch builder at Vortic was a perfect way for me to turn my old pocket watch into an attention getting conversation piece. The system allowed me to create an image of what the finished product would be. The actual watch looked identical to the preview. And the watch itself is incredible. The fit and finish on the case, the refurbishment of the movement and the way the team treated me throughout the process were all world class. I am already looking forward to my next project with the team.

Excellent article

Great read I’m glad Vortic is doing my watch. Remember to help the little guy.

Watch Builder

The watch builder worked great. Loved the amount of choices and being able to see how my watch would look when finished. Can’t wait to see the final product

Love the watch!

I bought the Boston 351 and it is absolutely amazing. I get asked about it all the time and I’ve only had it for a few weeks. I love the history behind the watch and the company. The open back is a real treat and I find myself getting lost on the movement ticking away. Keep up the awesome work!

MOST beautiful watch in our collection!!

My husband LOVES his new Vortic watch! It's GORGEOUS!! The suede strap is soft and supple. The face is perfection! We love it so much we are looking at ordering another! Bravo Vortic! Bravo!!
Sandra Regan

Impossibly Cool

I was blown away when I first received my new Vortices Watch. The packaging and all of the information inside were top-notch. The watch itself is absolutely stunning in the metal. The size to weight ratio is incredible, and the watch fits like a glove. I'm taken by the highly decorated 100-year-old movement inside. I spend just as much time looking through the case back as I do with the watch on my wrist. It's been an absolute pleasure to own.

Stunning Piece

I have been waiting awhile for this watch. I knew I wanted a Springfield, being from Illinois, and the case the be made of titanium, since it’s light. The watch beautiful and it gets noticed every time I wear it.

As good as expected

I sent in my father's 1951 Ball Railroad watch to be turned into a wrist watch. Preservation and new usefulness were the main reasons. Both of those were accomplished. The watch is simply gorgeous now. I've used it more in the past two weeks than it had been used in the past 60 years. The watch keeps time like it never has before. It's dead on accurate after two weeks of running. Amazing! The Vortic product is worth the price in my opinion. It took much longer than expected, but I think it was during a window of their expansion. I was in no rush to get it back anyway. Better done right than rushed and done wrong. Great job Vortic. Thanks for helping to preserve a now family heirloom.

wasn't T-Shirt I wanted

The America Wasn't Assembled T-Shirt was not the shirt I wanted I wanted the Bomber Shirt with the B-17 on it. So you guys are waiting for the Bomber shirts to get back in stock so I can exchange the America Wasn't Assembled T-Shirt for that one. So I have not worn the shirt it's hard to say it looks fine but don't know about the way it will fit yet, sometimes 2XL shirts run small don't know why but they do. The 2XL T-Shirts from Duluth Trading Company that I buy are sized correctly but will wait until I get the Bomber Shirt to try them on.

Just awesome

The watch is magnificent and demands respect for whoever wore it previously.
From the packaging to the watch itself everything is so professionally made. It is always a conversation starter because if it’s looks and then because if it’s history. My favorite watch in my collection.

Great company and product

The process was very easy, and the team was very responsive and helpful with all my questions along the way. Very cool to be able to create your own vintage watch with the options they offer. Great materials.
It is a very unique timepiece, there is a lot of history and character behind these watches. Also, love that you can hear the "ticking" and that it is a windup. Overall very happy.

Historic Watch Beyond Expectation

The title says it all. One cannot truly appreciate this watch just from the photos found online at the website. Once seen in person, one truly appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into reinvigorating this historical timepiece. This watch will continue to live on for many future generations.

Heritage Watch Builder - 002

Message speaks volumes

I bought the shirt for my husband after I bought him a watch. The message on the t-shirt reflects the history of America. America was built by working people.

One of a Kind Conversation Starter

My 1902 Waltham Maximus just arrived and WOW was it worth the wait! I absolutely love this watch! The team at Vortic was extremely helpful from my first contact. They recommended several different timepieces to meet my preferences and helped me with the building process after I made my selection. The finished product far exceeded my expectations. It’s an absolutely beautiful 119 year old work of art! I’m eager to start my next build with Vortic!


I did not get the delivery yet !!!!!

One of the most unique watch’s I have owned

First of all the presentation is a home run . The fun of opening the cartridge case and removing the various layers/ items added to the surprise of the watch . What a beauty 😀 I must say that the watch keeps perfect time . I could not ask for anything more . Vortic , keep up the great work and keep the surprise coming .

I really enjoy wearing my watch. Every time I wind it, I think about the craftsmanship that went into it. Thank you Vortic!

Vortic Military (2nd Edition)

This is my second Vortic watch and have to say, the company has taken it to a new level. The heritage and fit and finish on the watch are excellent and while any 75 year old movement can be hit or miss, mine keeps better time nearly as good as a modern chronometer. While a large watch, it fits comfortably on my wrist, much akin to a modern sports watch. Love my Vortics!

An incredible piece of aviation art and history!

From the rollout and the amazing presentation case, this watch is a true piece of aviation history meticulously restored. The team at Vortic is truly amazing. As a proud patriotic military aviator, I’m honored to be able to wear this piece of history. Thank you @Vortic!

Great presentation

The watch is everything I had hoped for and the presentation was great. I opened it with my kids and they absolutely loved it. I have worn the watch everyday since I received it.

A pocket watch dream

The Cleveland Railroad is simply stunning. The case and the patina is gorgeous. The craftsmanship is amazing. Vortic watches are a masterpiece that I will love for many years to come. How can you have just one?

Military 2nd Edition Special

My newest favorite, love the bronze case and khaki strap combination. It seems to be keeping very accurate time as well. I was happy to see some money went to the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative in Odessa, Delaware

Awesome and Amazing

I couldn’t be more pleased with my Special edition Military edition Vortic watch and the entire experience was just fantastic. I highly highly recommend this company. I feel so proud to wear my watch everyday knowing the commitment of the company to our veterans and to our history. I’m thankful for the opportunity to own this wonderful timepiece.