The Cleveland Railroad 004 (51mm)

Product Description

The Cleveland Railraod 004 is the 4th one-of-a-kind piece in Vortic's "Cleveland Railroad" line of the American Artisan Series. This watch contains the original movement (timepiece), dial (face), and hands from a vintage (1880’s – 1950’s) pocket watch. The American Artisan Series is a line of fully American Made wristwatches powered by restored, U.S. made pocket watch movements.

What makes the Cleveland Railraod 004 Unique: Our 2nd pocket watch is here! Thank you all for the great feedback on the first one. For the 2nd one we decided to use the most famous pocket watch brand ever made... Ball. This original antique movement and dial is what's called a Ball-Hamilton. It was manufactured in 1948 by the Hamilton Watch Company under contract for Ball. If you didn't know, Webb C. Ball was one of the best marketing minds the watch industry ever saw. After a major train crash in Cleveland Ohio in the late 1800s, Webb started the Ball Watch Company. His goal was to be the best in the world and make watches that kept better time than any other. His success is shown in the fame of the brand even today. This is a great example of "The Official Railroad Standard" pocket watch. It'll definitely keep you "on the Ball..."




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