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Who we are

Vortic Watch Company's American Artisan Series features salvaged and restored antique American pocket watches expertly preserved into one-of-a-kind wristwatches.

We are one of the only wristwatch manufacturing companies in the United States and build these timepieces by hand in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Split image demonstrating the transition from pocket watch to wrist watch.

What We Do

The American Artisan Series

Since it's difficult to find and restore the antique American pocket watches, we can only make a couple hundred watches each year. For this reason, we have our Watch of the Week program. Visit our store daily to see a new and unique piece. Don't wait too long though, as they sell quickly and there's only one of each!

Convert Your Watch

The first question we always get is: "what if I have a pocket watch from my Grandfather?"

If you already own a pocket watch and are considering converting it into a wristwatch, we can help! In fact, we're the only company that can expertly preserve your family heirloom pocket watch into a wristwatch.

Colorado Watch Company

If you're interested in a smaller, modern, fully automatic watch Built in the USA and made to last a lifetime, check out our new brand, Colorado Watch Company!

After our successful Kickstarter Campaign in late 2023, we're hard at work building the infrastructure to manufacture thousands of watches here in our facility. We'll be accepting orders soon, so make sure you're on the list.

The Military Edition

Salvaged antique American pocket watches originally manufactured for the United States Army Air Corps built into custom wristwatches called the Military Edition.

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Colorado Watch Company

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