Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

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Here's Your Weekly Roundup

Check out the images below for the Weekly Roundup of last week's Watch of the Daywatches!


Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day! They sell quickly. This week we have five watches queued up. Keep your eyes out for the perfect watch for you!


We are delighted to present this gorgeous Elgin timepiece, wonderfully housed in our machined bronze case displaying a custom-aged patina. In our opinion, this watch exudes class without overstating its beauty. The soft finish of the bronze plays well with the copper crown and moss strap, topped off with gold hardware throughout.

The movement powering this watch is not shy to show off the finer details, with 17 screw-set jewels throughout this intricately machined build plate. We love the signature flowery design on the regulator, a calling card of Elgin watches from this time. Gold-plated gears and a brass balance wheel round out the finer details and create an intrigue of what lies beneath. This watch was originally manufactured in Elgin, Illinois in 1912. On the other side of the country at this time, New Mexico was voted in by Congress as the 47th state. The area was originally named Nuevo México by Spanish settlers, and thus later earned the name New Mexico based on this, long before the country of Mexico had been named.


This incredible Penn Special is from the Illinois Watch Company. The Pennsylvania Special was a private label that Illinois made for a company out of Philadelphia and was among the top-of-the-line movements during this time.

This particular timepiece has beautiful wear and tear on the dial, which only adds to its character. It appears as though, at some point, this dial had peculiar discoloration that has since either been cleaned off or has naturally worn off. These kinds of characteristics are something we love to accentuate and hope that the story of this watch continues to be told for the generations to come. We housed this watch in our diamond-like coating, black titanium case to complement some of the dark colors on the dial, then matched the numerals with our gold-plated hardware and round crown. The finishing touch, our mojave strap, gives this watch a soft feeling.

The gorgeous movement boasts 21 jewels and an incredibly intricate, multi-faceted machined pattern on the build plate. Brass hardware holds everything in place and helps accentuate the rose gold gears and brass balance. This watch was originally produced in 1924 in Springfield, Illinois. On November 4, 1924, Nellie Tayloe Ross became the very first female Governor elected in the United States, for the state of Wyoming.


Breathing new life into antique watches is a labor of love. It’s incredible to see how our team can transform them after they’ve lived so many years in different hands. This watch is no exception, with this incredibly unique dial. With much of its finer details worn away by time, the numerals are left behind to stand out. Blue steel, kite-shaped hands create contrast across the face of the dial and pair perfectly with our sandblasted titanium case. We added a custom patina on our copper crown and finished it off with a stout band.

We appreciate that the movement powering this watch looks almost the same as the day it left the factory in Elgin, Illinois. A wonderfully designed bridge plate sprawls out over the inner workings of the gears and balance wheel. 17 dark, ruby jewels keep this moving running smoothly along with gold-plated gears and a brass balance. This movement was originally manufactured in 1924 by the Elgin National Watch Company. This was also the first year of the Winter Olympics, and American speed skater Charles Jewtraw won the very first Olympic Gold Medal to be awarded at the Winter Olympics.


We are enamored with the color throughout this timepiece, which gives the impression of aged leather with its orange tones. We love working with watches like this, as the dials tell a story of the lives they lived before they ended up in our hands. To create contrast within the dial, we paired its thick, dark numerals with a pair of open kite hands before finishing it off with a tobacco strap and copper hardware.

The movement behind this spectacular watch is highly decorated with Geneva lines and rose gold gears. This grade 405 movement from Illinois watch company is powered by 17 screw-set jewels and features double roller escapement on the brass balance. It was originally manufactured in Springfield, Illinois in 1926, the same year that A.A. Milne published Winnie-the-Pooh.


This delightfully aged dial is a stunning example of the work that The Illinois Watch Company put out. Originally made in 1922, the watch is now housed in our machined titanium case. Its double-sunk dial has been carefully machined by a Rose Engine lathe. We paired this timepiece with a natural strap and gold-plated hardware.

The movement powering this watch is The Capitol, a higher-end selection from Illinois. Boasting 21 jewels and brass hardware throughout, this movement is truly breathtaking. An outward spiral pattern across the build plate allows the eye to travel across the movement and catch the rose gold gears, brass balance wheel, and double roller escapement. The Capitol movement was truly a special piece in 1922 and stands the test of time.

In the same year this watch was made, the US was highly affected by the Railroad Shopmen's Strike with seven of the sixteen major railroad stations shutting down and over 400 workers going on strike to fight low wages.


This stunning Elgin features unique, bold and black numerals. We thought it would be the perfect fit for our diamond-like coating, titanium case. The double-sunk dial is another beautiful example of the kind of face Elgin is known for dreaming up. We paired it with our stone band for a monochromatic look.

This watch is equipped with 17 Ruby and Sapphire jewels, along with gold-plated gears and a brass expansion balance. This uniquely shaped ¾ plate bridge is a signature look for Elgin, powered by a Breguet hairspring and Moseley regulator. This watch was originally produced in Elgin, Illinois in 1924, not far Northwest of Chicago. In the same year, Red Grange, “The Galloping Ghost,” of the University of Illinois scored four touchdowns in twelve minutes while playing the University of Michigan.


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