Making Special Days More Special

Making Special Days More Special

Making Special Days More Special

During these unprecedented times in the world, we must remind ourselves that life goes on and we'll all be okay. Love will survive the pandemic and... people are still getting married!

At Vortic we have the honor to be part of many weddings, mostly in the form of a Groom's Gift. This year, with weddings getting postponed, downsized, relocated, etc., we want to go the extra mile to ensure that the part we play is meaningful. That's why we created a whole separate division of our company to focus on the Brides and make sure they receive next-level service and experience when buying a Groom's Gift.

It all starts with finding the brides and showing them our watches. Check out our new website at to see our draft of that initial experience.

Be sure to watch the promotional video on the website above!


We also needed to grow our team so we could offer this personalized service. Tara has been working with us for about a year, focused mostly on Public Relations and Communications (she's the one that got us on national TV!). We convinced her to join us full time and take on a new role as well: Wedding Gift Concierge. 

Connect with Tara to design a Groom's Gift! 


 Know Someone Getting Married?

If you know someone who's getting married soon, consider buying a Vortic gift card for them to invest in a Groom's Gift.


Especially in these uncertain times, we'll do our best to make these special days even more special! We also have done Father of the Bride gifts, and of course Groomsman Gifts too!

Get a gift card for the couple here!

PS - Are you getting married? Do you want to help us refine the experience?


We're looking for one Bride to go through this process first and give us feedback about everything. We will, of course, reward you for your time and advice! If you're interested in this, please reply to this email and we'll start a conversation.

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