Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Part of our "Keep The Lights On For American Manufacturing" initiative will be to highlight some amazing companies doing some awesome things.
Today we're highlighting a few shoe manufacturers with new initiatives aimed at helping people through the COVID crisis.
Get yourself a new pair of shoes, and support these companies.
The first company is the biggest. Did you know that New Balance has a massive manufacturing facility in Boston? They're now making masks out of sneaker material. It's amazing how quickly they reacted and it sounds like they can make a lot of masks!
Information and images from Business Insider.
The oldest children's shoemaker in America, Kepner Scott, has also stepped up and started making masks. They can't make very many masks, but they're all being donated to people who need them.
Information and images from ABC News.
These three brands don't necessarily make their product in America, but they are definitely helping Americans. Allbirds, Clove, and Crocs have all donated shoes to healthcare workers.
You can support that mission by purchasing shoes from any of these brands. Most will donate a pair for every pair purchased. Allbirds, for example, has already pledged at least 5,000 pairs!
Information and images from Fast Company.
If you want to support these companies, and other companies like them, please consider donating to our Go Fund Me campaign. We're on a mission to bring these companies together and help each other. 
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