You Asked For It!

You Asked For It!

Here it is!

"Custer & Wolfe, Building A Watch Company"


Your weekly roundup of one-of-a-kind watches is below, but first...

Our new YouTube show is LIVE! 

For years you've asked us if you can see more behind the scenes, how it's made content from Vortic. "Custer & Wolfe, Building A Watch Company" is our new TV show based on YouTube doing just that.  

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us in our journey to build more products and companies in the USA. We're starting with bi-weekly episodes and hope to scale to weekly content over the next few months. 

In the few couple episodes, R.T. and Tyler share the story of Vortic, the first products, prototypes, and what it's been like to build Vortic Watch Company since our launch on Kickstarter in 2014. 

Leave us a comment on YouTube or reply to this email and let us know what else you want t see or learn. We can't wait to share!


Here's your Weekly Roundup!

Every Tuesday we send this Weekly Roundup of our most recent Watch of the Day watches. Most watches sell within minutes or hours, so be sure to check the website each day at noon Mountain Time or follow us on social media to get more frequent updates!

Did you notice we posted a new watch on Saturday!? YES! We're up to SIX watches per week now! We're so excited to share an extra watch every week with you and give you 20% more options to choose from for your next Vortic watch!


Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day!


We are excited to present this gorgeous piece originally built in 1927 by the Illinois Watch Company — the Springfield 481. This watch features a light, cream-colored dial with rustic numerals and minute indicators. The Illinois Watch Company excellently designed the dial with “Illinois” centered just below the 12. A circular ring with intricate patterns extends from “Illinois” and reaches the subdial, and the hour-hand contrasts the dark minute-hand with gold plating. We crafted a wristwatch out of the original pocket watch by encompassing it in our signature DLC black case, which is scratch-resistant.

The back of the watch features 405-grade, open-face movement, and the piece sports a nickel finish and pendant setting. The watch’s clear display case reveals its power and beauty with gold-plated gears and 17 jewels. We paired Springfield’s original creation with our Rye leather watch strap and gold-plated buckle to match the dial’s golden details.

The Illinois Watch Company created the original piece in 1927 — the same year that the Harlem Globetrotters played their first game outside of Chicago. Abe Saperstein founded the iconic team in 1926, which led to groundbreaking contributions to basketball. The team popularized the “slam dunk,” and they laid the foundation for more people of color being accepted in professional sports after they won the World Professional Basketball Tournament in 1940. They played their first game outside of Chicago in Hinckley, Illinois, 177 miles north of Springfield.


We are thrilled to showcase this breathtaking piece of American ingenuity originally developed by Hamilton Watch Company — the Lancaster 127. Initially constructed in 1927, the Lancaster 127 sports an attractive and faded-looking antique dial, distinct, dark numerals, and a helpful subdial displaying minutes. We paired Hamilton’s original creation with our Machined Titanium case, and the combination evokes a classic, rustic style.

The back of the watch boasts 916-grade, open-face movement with a nickel finish and pendant setting. It comes with three adjustable positions and is powered by 17 jewels on its ¾ bridge plate. The Lancaster 271’s clear display case offers a stunning look into the intricate inner workings of the watch’s robust and stunning gold-plated gears. Finally, we equipped the piece with our one-of-a-kind Cordovan Oxblood leather watch strap, adding both comfort and utility to this timeless piece of luxury.

Hamilton Watch Company created the Lancaster 127’s original pocket watch in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1927 — the same year Henry Ford concluded production on the famous Model T automobile. Ford developed the Model T in 1908, making it the first vehicle widely accessible to the public because of its affordability. His creation also led to modern workplace innovations, like the assembly line and the 40-hour workweek. After years of success and record-breaking sales, demand for Model Ts finally dwindled, leading to Ford discontinuing his monumental creation in 1927. The Ford Model T remained the best-selling vehicle of all time until the Volkswagen Beetle overtook it in 1972.


We are happy to present this gorgeous timepiece from the Illinois Watch Company, our Springfield 485. We love how the bright machined titanium case stands out from the soft feel of this aged dial with gold-colored numerals and hands. The subtle minute indicators that surround the outer edges of the dial are the sort of details that make this watch unique and draw you in to explore it further. We chose our copper crown and hardware to match the tone of this natural strap, tying the whole thing together nicely.

As we turn this watch over to reveal the movement within, we find more copper in the form of inlaid text, including this fantastic Autocrat insignia on the center of the bridge. We love the addition of the two smaller finger bridges that hold the third and fourth gold-plated escapement wheels. A wonderful spiral pattern has been carefully machined across the many surfaces of the build plates to create visual movement that keeps your eye following the curvature of the design throughout. Stainless steel hardware holds in these 17 screw-set jewels nicely, adding to the stunning display. This watch was originally manufactured in 1922 in Springfield, Illinois by the Illinois Watch Company.

In May of this year, the Lincoln Memorial dedication was held in Washington D.C. The building was designed by Henry Bacon and constructed with 19-foot-tall columns, intended to resemble a Grecian-style temple.


The Springfield 477 (SOLD)

We are so excited to show you the Springfield 477, originally manufactured by the Illinois Watch Company. The luminescence of this watch is unparalleled — immediately we are struck with the beautiful golden color of the dial and sub-dial, paired with a gray ornate design. The subtle aging adds character and depth to the dial, and the gothic-style numbers stand starkly against the yellow background. And let’s not forget about the stunning blue hands with ornate craftsmanship and detail. Our PVD Zircon Gold case matches the luster of the dial while providing protection for years to come.

Peering through the clear display, you can see that the back of the watch is just as beautiful. The gold-plated and bronze gears work flawlessly together, while the bridge plate keeps everything secured. This 405-grade piece is powered by 17 jewels, each screw-set with bronze hardware. Machined lines run horizontally across the plate, catching your eye in the natural light. Lastly, our Stout leather strap contrasts with the golden hues magnificently and brings unity to the piece.

This watch was originally built in Springfield, Illinois, in 1923 — the same year that Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. was officially established in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Four years later, Warner Brothers released their first sound film “The Jazz Singer,” which starred Al Johnson. 


We are excited to present the Boston 434 — originally manufactured by the American Waltham Watch Company. This royal-grade watch features a classic watch dial, with sharp black numerals and crimson minute indicators on the outer ring. The sub-dial blends flawlessly into the main dial, and the blue hands bring sharp contrast to the rest of the piece. We are amazed at how the watch’s integrity has been preserved throughout the past century — other than some slight fading on the bottom of the dial, the watch looks like it was built yesterday. Our Diamond Like Coating Case protects this watch further from natural wear with its durable and scratch-resistant coating.

Through the clear display case, you can see the gold-plated gears tick flawlessly in this 17 jewel piece. Subtle machined patterns dance across the bridge plate, along with the proud ROYAL engraving. Lastly, our Cordovan Black strap brings unity to this piece, matching our DLC case and the crisp black numerals on the dial.

This watch was originally produced in Waltham Massachusetts, in 1902 — the same year “The Wizard of Oz” musical was released, premiering at the Chicago Grand Opera House. American composer Paul Tietjens wrote the music, while most of the script came directly from the original book by L. Frank Baum.


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