Your Weekly Roundup With an Important Update

Your Weekly Roundup With an Important Update

If you didn't know, we were sued by Hamilton International, a subsidiary of the multibillion-dollar conglomerate, Swatch Group, in 2015. July 17th marks 6 years of legal battles.

We can't thank you enough for your support over the years, and we wanted to give you a quick update on where we stand now. As of September 2020, we officially won the first round in federal court, and just a few weeks ago we had our first hearing for Hamilton's appeal.

The hearing went very smoothly for us as a panel of federal judges ripped apart Hamilton's attorney and asked our representative some excellent clarifying questions. You can listen to the recording at the link below since everything is now a public record.

If we win in appeals court, we believe the case will go to the Supreme Court, and hopefully, by 2023, we'll have finality. In the meantime, we'll keep doing what we've always done... building one-of-a-kind wristwatches out of antique American pocket watches including those made by the original Hamilton Watch Company from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Here's Your Weekly Roundup

Check out the images below for the Weekly Roundup of last week's Watch of the Day watches!


Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day! They sell quickly. This week we have five watches queued up. Keep your eyes out for the perfect watch for you!


We are elated to bring you this exquisite example of craftsmanship from the Elgin National Watch Company, the Chicago 432. The features of this watch are truly unique with amazing detail on this double-sunk dial, bringing out the intricate design work along with these bold numerals. We matched the gold of the dial with our gold-plated crown and hardware and tied it in with our beautiful tan strap. The softness of this sandblasted titanium case works well with the dial and strap, giving this watch a truly classy feel that will surely turn heads.

The unique features on the outside are just as unique as what is on the inside of this fabulous movement. A brilliantly aged build plate shows the age of this watch, as well as showcasing Elgin’s signature Moseley regulator and ¾ build plate. 17 screw-set jewels power the gold-plated gears as a Breguet hairspring. This watch was originally manufactured in 1923 in Elgin, Illinois. This year also marks the very first live broadcast of a professional ice hockey game, by Norman Albert in Toronto, Canada for the Ontario Hockey league.


We are so happy to add the Lancaster 090 to our fabulous collection. This watch has the perfect combination of style and character and we could not be more excited about how well it turned out. This rustic dial has the right amount of wear as well as a unique interior design and light minute indicators around the outside. Our DLC titanium case and a moss strap give contrast to the soft feel of the dial, while the gold-plated crown and hardware match the second-hand indicator.

There is something strong and powerful about the large build plates of these Hamilton 912 movements that stands out from other styles of this period. With such a large area covering up much of the gears and inner workings of this 17 jewel movement, the manufacturer had the opportunity to show off the intricate machining of the Geneva lines that flow across the entire build plate. A brass balance wheel blends in well with the gold plate gears, while the stainless steel hardware accentuates the rest of the bright features within this amazing watch.

Originally this movement was manufactured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1923 by the Hamilton Watch Company. In this same year, the first successful flight of a rotorcraft by Juan de la Cierva. Better known today as a helicopter, a rotorcraft is defined as any heavier than air flying craft propelled by a vertical mast with rotary style wings or blades. It was almost immediately showcased to the military in the very same month.


We welcome you proudly to the Cleveland 041. The inspiration behind this design comes to us from America’s favorite pastime. A crisp, clean, white dial paired with the natural strap is reminiscent of a baseball mitt, this watch truly fits like a glove. This soft sandblasted titanium case really lets the dial shine, while the gold-plated crown and hardware pair well with the precious metal accents of the movement.

This movement is decorated with a wonderful spiral machined finish. The ¾ bridge plate is adorned with 19 jewels in raised gold settings. There are rose gold gears, a brass balance wheel, and a double roller escapement to power this movement. On August 26, 1926, Dutch Levsen of the Cleveland Indians became the only pitcher to win both games of a doubleheader. Hurling two nine-inning games back to back, winning 6-1 and 5-1. Levsen is also the only pitcher to throw two nine-inning complete games on the same day. 


We are happy to release this exquisite timepiece from the Illinois Watch Company. This double-sunk dial is highly decorated with a uniquely exclusive Moire design. We were inspired by the dark numerals so we decided to encase this movement in our signature DLC titanium and finish it off with a black cordovan strap. The gold plated crown and hardware complete the feel of this spectacular watch.

This piece truly is the King of Time, powered by 17 ruby and sapphire jewels and double roller escapement. The guard pin on the pallet fork helps prevent over banking, an added safety feature that keeps this watch running perfectly. The build plate has been carefully machined with horizontal Geneva lines, accented by nickel and stainless steel hardware. This nickel material was more durable than the gilded plates and offered a better surface for decorative machining methods.

This watch was originally produced in 1927 by the Illinois Watch Company from Springfield, Illinois. Also in this same year, Alfred Hitchcock directed his very first film, The Pleasure Garden.


We are pleased to be introducing you to the Springfield 410. We cased this movement with our antique bronze, to match the rustic qualities of this watch. Originally manufactured in 1923, during a time when gold and silver were a sign of prosperity. We wanted to pair this dial with gold accents to truly showcase these gold full moon hands. We added our natural band as well as gold-plated hardware throughout, as well.

We especially took notice of the third and fourth wheel bridges and how the curvature of the design flows well with the shape of the balance wheel. We love the partial mirror finish on the mainspring and ratchet plate that helps accentuate the circular machine finish on the main plate. The definition of an Autocrat is "a ruler who has absolute power". This impeccable Illinois movement embodies the sophistication of the Autocrat, with the visual power and the tenacity to keep running for years to come. Also in 1923, the very first issue of Time Magazine was published in March of this same year.


We love the sharp, crisp lines of the numerals, with these very pronounced blue-steel hands on The Lancaster 087. The contrast of the two-tone gold in the single sunk dial matches well with our gold-plated crown. We paired the gold and black of the dial with our black cordovan strap and cased the watch in raw machined titanium.

This 916 movement is built on a spectacular ¾ build plate, carefully adorned with these stunning Geneva lines. Spiral machining on the ratchet and mainspring wheels does a great job of giving visual contrast to the main plate. You can also see gold-plated gears showing through the large build plate, powered by 17 screw-set jewels. This watch was originally manufactured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1928 by the Hamilton Watch Company. In this same year, Charles Lindenburg was presented with the medal of honor for completing the very first transatlantic flight.

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