Last Call For The Watch Builder

Last Call For The Watch Builder

Before the crisis, my co-founder Tyler and I sat down with the whole Vortic team and planned our production and goals for 2020. Obviously many things have changed, but the vision for the year, the thing written on the top of the whiteboard, has not changed at all.  
"Become the best in the world at what we do."
Due to the changing circumstances, and in order to still achieve that goal, we're altering our business model slightly. Starting June 1st, we will focus on what we now call "Pre-Built" watches. These pieces are designed by our team, completely built, tested, and ready to ship immediately upon purchase.
That means we'll be doing less of our custom, made-to-order work, and making some changes about how we sell watches. The first change is that our online customization tool will be going away. We'll remove public access to the Watch Builder at 11:59pm on Monday May 25th. 
If you have a family heirloom or if you send us a pocket watch for conversion, we'll still allow private access to the Watch Builder, but we're making that customization process more exclusive.
The Watch Builder is going out with a bang though! We just uploaded 20 of the coolest and rarest antique pocket watch movements we have in stock. As you know, each one is unique, so when it's sold, it's gone forever. Go check them out before it's too late!


Some Ideas To Get You Started

Here's a few of my favorite movements from this batch with the design options I'd personally choose! Don't forget, both the American Artisan Series (46mm), and Railroad Edition (51mm) are included in this Watch Builder Last Call. 
Have fun designing and please let me know if I can help! Just respond to this email if you have questions or want to discuss a design.

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