Bad Things Happen In Threes

Bad Things Happen In Threes

Bad Things Happen In Threes Right?

If you've been following along you know that the year 2020 hasn't been ideal for me and Vortic Watch Company. 

4 weeks ago I defended the company against the Swatch Group in a federal lawsuit called Hamilton v Vortic. I've received nothing but positive feedback from the people who witnessed it, and an overwhelming amount of support from friends and customers, but we still have not heard back from the judge with the results.


After that I took the train from NYC to Lancaster, PA to say goodbye to my mom forever. 2 weeks ago she lost her battle with cancer. The picture below was the last time I saw her. Our old friends brought horses to the farm where I grew up since my mom couldn't leave the house. I will never forget how happy she was in that moment even knowing she didn't have much time left.

And today I get to deal with the COVID crisis. Because, well, bad things happen in threes right? 

So why I am telling you this?

America wasn't assembled. It was built. It was built by people who also faced these kinds of hardships. The men and women who built this country dealt with things harder than everything I've been through and they pressed on. They pursued the American Dream at all costs. They went ALL IN.

And that's what I'm doing. This message is for all my customers who are facing hard times right now. I'm with you. We're with you.

We are in this together, and WE WILL BE OKAY.

These are my sons, Sawyer and Wesley. They have no idea what a lawsuit is, what it's like to lose someone you love, and they certainly don't know anything about pandemics. What they know is that their father is working hard on his American Dream. I'm building a company that they will some day run, and NOTHING will take that from me.


If you're reading this, and you're also facing hard times right now, please reach out to me. You can reply to this email, message me on Instagram (@rtcuster), or find me on LinkedIn. If there's any way I can be of service, it'd be an honor. 

If bad things do really happen in threes, then something very good is about to happen... hopefully very soon. 

Thank you!

R.T. Custer, Co-Founder and CEO

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