A Vortic Father's Day Story

A Vortic Father's Day Story


Stories from the Wrist

In this post, we have our regular weekly roundup of the Watches of the Day, but first, we'd like to share this wonderful story from one of our customers. "A Long Awaited Father's Day" is the first of such stories we're going to tell this year.
So many of our customers have shared their journeys with us, and described why they chose to purchase a Vortic watch. We can't wait to tell those stories, and share all that positivity with you!

Meet Rhett and Alice, who've graciously offered to let us tell their Vortic story for Father's Day.

"I had it in my head that I needed to wear this watch during all the milestones. It was important."

Read more about why this Father's Day is so special to this family on our new blog called "Stories From The Wrist."

Read the story here!

The Weekly Roundup

Now here's your weekly roundup. We actually have some in stock this week! 

The last watch might just be our favorite...

The Chicago 324


The Chicago 181 (Sold)


The Chicago 264 (Sold)


The Chicago 128 (Sold)


The Springfield 235


The Springfield 309


The Boston 349


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PS - Come see us this weekend in Denver at Fetch!

This weekend only, at Stanley Marketplace in Denver, we'll be joined by 50 other brands celebrating Father's Day at the Fetch Market. Explore other awesome Father's Day gifts, and see our watches in person, but maybe from about 6 feet away.

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