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And They're Gone!

Only Three Military Edition Watches Left!

We have your weekly round-up below, but first...

We only have three Military Editions left from the launch Thursday! We sold 40 of them in the first 60 minutes, and have sold 7 others in the days since. It was an amazing product launch and we're so honored by all these customers getting one of our watches, especially the new customers. Welcome to the club!


Don't miss what's likely your last chance to get one of our Military Edition watches until November 2022. Click the link below to purchase one of the last three left!


Don't Forget To Donate To The School!


We have two Military Edition customers that have generously offered to MATCH the next few donations of $500. Whether you purchased a watch, or you just want to give to the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative, please click the button below and "Double Our Donation." Once we sell the last Military Edition, we will donate $500/watch ($25,000) plus these extra funds. We're so close to clearing $100,000 in total over the last few years! Let's help the school train more veteran watchmakers!


Here's your Weekly Roundup!

The time is now (pun intended) to pick your one-of-a-kind Vortic Watch. Our team has been working hard to provide you with a variety of unique timepieces. Take a look, there's something for everyone! 

Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day! They tend to sell quickly. 


Today we have the pleasure to bring you this beautiful timepiece from the Waltham Watch Company, our Boston 407. We absolutely love how this iridescent blue case houses this incredibly unique dial perfectly, bringing attention to the fine details in this coat of arms design. The gothic-style numerals bring a nice touch to the design and stand out to grab your attention. These stunning full-moon hands work perfectly inside of this case, topped off with our nickel-plated crown and stone strap.

As we peer inside this watch to take a closer look at the movement, we are amazed at the fine details that have been carefully machined into the different build plates all throughout. Gold-plated gears and a brass balance wheel stand out from the nickel-plated elements and add layers of precious metal accents. 17 friction-set jewels keep everything running smoothly and give an extra visual appeal that is sure to amaze. This watch was originally produced in 1924 by the American Waltham Watch Company in Waltham, Massachusetts. In February of this year, Calvin Coolidge became the first President to deliver an address from the White House via the Radio.


We are very excited to present to you this amazing timepiece from Elgin, our Chicago 446. We are always amazed at how much each and every one of these antique watches differ and the unique ways that they stand out from others like it. We would love to have a short story of the different events in time that have transformed this special watch and given it this incredible look and shape of the face. We love the different tones of this double sunk dial that bring attention to the intricate lines machined around the outside, with these blued-steel hands that stand out and contrast nicely. We went with our crimson strap and copper crown to pair with the different colors of the dial and are incredibly impressed with the overall look and feel of this watch.

As we turn this watch over to expect some similar amount of wear and age, we are taken aback by the pristine condition of this movement. The nickel-plated build plates shine brightly, accented by stainless steel hardware throughout. This watch was originally manufactured in Elgin, Illinois in 1923 by the Elgin National Watch Company. On January 31 of this same year, the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Hamilton Tigers 5-4. The score is not necessarily the surprising factor of this game, more impressive is that it was the very first penalty-free game played in NHL history.


We are happy to feature this absolutely stunning watch from the Hamilton Watch Company, our Lancaster 111. We love how this double-sunk dial with intricate floral patterns works well inside this custom iridescent case for the perfect design combination. The soft tones of the dial are accented nicely by the case and capped off with our nickel-plated crown and black strap.

This watch is powered by one of our favorite movements to work with, Hamilton’s 912-grade piece that proves itself reliable time and time again. Carefully machined Geneva lines throughout the build plates bring a cohesive look and feel to this watch, while the gold-plated gears beneath act as visual accents to show off the inner workings. Decorated with 17 screw-set jewels that help everything turn perfectly, held in with stainless steel hardware that carries throughout the entire watch.

\Originally manufactured in 1924 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the first year that Hamilton produced over 2,000,000 watches. The production of this particular grade and design was around 260,000 watches made that year. Hamilton was growing rapidly and pricing their watches as the high-end alternative to the other brands of the time. Still proving their worth all these years later, we absolutely love the quality and reliability of these watches.


Vortic’s only Limited Edition, the Military Edition is a set of 50 wristwatches built from very special antique American pocket watches. The pocket watches inside these wristwatches were originally manufactured for the U.S. Army Air Corps and flown on the B-17s and B-24s (the bomber aircraft) in World War II. It’s the ultimate military watch and has the most provenance of any product we’ve ever made.

Available only on Veterans Day, we will donate $500 from each watch to the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative that trains disabled military vets how to become professional watchmakers. The average unemployment rate for disabled war veterans is 82%, and the funds we donate will put a dent in that figure!

Check out the National News Story here for more details on the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative.

If you've stared at pictures of the Military Edition as long as we have, you'll notice the difference in the Third Edition. Check out that stainless steel case and crown! We decided to pivot the color scheme for this edition to make it truly stand apart.

Check out our First Edition unboxing video to see everything included with the watch, please note this edition has only two straps - the army bag canvas and the bomber jacket leather. 


We are happy to introduce this fantastic example from the Hamilton Watch Company, our Lancaster 113. This watch features such an incredibly distinctive single-sunk dial with a gold-colored portion of the second indicator that really makes it stand out against the rest of the white dial. Some subtle aging around the edges of the numerals reminds us just how old this watch is, originally produced in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1936. The machined titanium case with nickel-plated crown and hardware makes every pop nicely and stand out in a crowd. Our olive strap softens off the look and gives this watch a natural quality.

The movement that powers this watch shows us the true craftsmanship available at the time, showcased nicely on this 912-grade piece. Geneva lines have been carefully machined across all of the build plate surfaces, giving this watch a uniform design all throughout. 17 screw-set jewels as well as gold plated gears and stainless steel hardware all play their role in guiding the viewer around to the different elements that actually give this watch life. At the same time that this watch was being produced by Hamilton, we also saw the very first superhero to be depicted in a skin-tight costume and mask. Lee Falk created The Phantom and produced it as a daily newspaper strip; he continued to work on the project until his death in 1999. 


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