Dave Hollis Book Launch

Dave Hollis Book Launch

Our Customers Are Awesome And Dave Hollis Is No Exception

Last year I had the opportunity to meet Dave Hollis in person and I can tell you first hand that he's one of our most awesome customers. We had a great conversation about Entrepreneurship and growing our teams, and he was super stoked to get one of our watches.

If you don't know who Dave is, you may have heard of his wife, Rachel Hollis, who's now written multiple New York Times Best Sellers including "Girl Wash Your Face." Dave worked as an executive at Disney and had an amazing career before he took the entrepreneurial leap and started running the Hollis Co with Rachel. His new book, "Get Out Of Your Own Way" just launched this week and it's an extremely authentic, vulnerable, REAL LIFE, story of all the things he's done in making that leap. 

For us, obviously, we're pretty excited that he chose to wear our watch for the photoshoot, and Dave's Vortic watch is right there on the cover of the book! Also, I wanted to personally share about his book launch because I truly believe in his mission and I've read the book myself. I can tell you if you like the idea of business and self-development books, this is a great one to grab.

Grab your copy from Amazon here!

Dave went with a Boston model watch, featuring an antique Waltham Watch Company pocket watch movement with a spectacularly clean white dial. We used the oxblood Horween Shell Cordovan strap with white stitching to add a bit more depth to the watch.

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