Nothing But Watches

Nothing But Watches

Here's your Weekly Roundup!

We have watches in stock! The time is now (pun intended) to pick your one-of-a-kind Vortic Watch. Our team has been working hard to provide you with a variety of unique timepieces. Take a look, there's something for everyone! 

Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day! They tend to sell quickly. 


We are proud to introduce to you the beautiful Springfield 197, another wonderful timepiece from the Illinois Watch Company. This double-sunk dial stands out nicely in our machined titanium case, with these unique dark numerals and kite-shaped hands. We think the dial is complemented nicely with our coal strap and copper crown. The whimsical shape of the numerals is something we haven’t seen all that often and adds another enchanting detail to this already exquisite watch.

The rarity continues as we turn this watch over and reveal this very special Victor grade 405 from the Illinois Watch Company. They took extra care while machining the build plate of this watch, with a great deal of different spiral patterns and intricacies all throughout. Rose-gold gears and a brass balance wheel show off beneath the bridge, with 17 screw-set jewels and stainless steel hardware throughout. The separate “finger” bridges holding the 3rd and 4th escapement wheels is always a nice touch, bringing visual interest to the radial design of this build plate.

This watch was originally manufactured in Springfield, Illinois by the Illinois Watch Company in 1923. This same year, Warner Brothers Studios was established in Burbank, California by four brothers Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner. The brothers started out small with a theater, eventually growing and distributing films as well. Sam and Jack began producing films, with their first picture released My Four Years In Germany and eventually taking out a loan to open up their own studio.


We are happy to bring you this amazing timepiece from the Hamilton Watch Company, the Lancaster 098. We love the look and feel of this watch, with such a wonderfully aged dial that is complemented by our sandblasted titanium case, giving this antique watch a classically aged appearance. These brilliant open-spade hands bring a strong contrast and stand out nicely against this double sunk dial. We paired our gold crown and hardware, helping to bring attention to the fantastic gold numerals around the face. The rye strap ties everything together nicely, completing this vintage earth tone aesthetic.

The movement powering this watch has all of the design elements and reliability that we appreciate from Hamilton’s 912 line. A large build plate takes over the space visually, leaving only small glimpses of the gold-plated gears beneath. Wide patterned Geneva lines all throughout, with a fantastic spiral pattern carefully machined onto the mainspring barrel and crown wheel. 17-screw set jewels help the gears spin freely, while stainless hardware caps off the overall powerful look and feel of this beautiful watch.

Originally manufactured by the Hamilton Watch Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1935, which is also the same year that Major League Baseball had its first night game. The game was between the Cincinnati Reds and the Philadelphia Phillies. This event was such a big deal that President Franklin D. Roosevelt even threw the ceremonial first pitch from the White House lawn in Washington, D.C.


We could not be more excited to present to you this amazing Sante Fe Special from Illinois, the Springfield 280. The appeal of this watch speaks for itself, with the homage to a classic Railroad style watch. 60 individual minute indicators all around the outside of the dial make for a truly one-of-a-kind watch, emulating the classic look and design of its larger 16 size predecessor that would have been used by Railroad conductors all across the nation. Dark black bold numerals and full-moon hands pop nicely off this soft dial, while the modern look and shine of our machined titanium case stand out. We added a copper crown and natural band to tie everything together nicely and keep with the subtle earth tones and feel of the dial.

The movement powering this watch is second to none from Illinois during this time period, boasting 21 jewels and a carefully machined pattern throughout that grabs your attention and draws you in. Rose gold gears peek through from beneath the ¾ bridge plate, as well as copper inlaid text accents and stainless steel hardware throughout. This watch will truly steal the show and should be shown off at every available opportunity. Originally manufactured by the Illinois Watch Company in Springfield, Illinois in 1930. In this same year, Mohandas Gandhi initiated the great Salt March, a non-violent protest that led him and his followers from Sabarmati to Dandi. Over 240 miles that started out with just a few dozen followers and eventually grew to thousands.


Here we happily present to you the lovely Chicago 408, a shining example from the Elgin National Watch Company. We keep catching ourselves staring at the small details in this spectacular dial, with these wonderful love birds in the center of the double sunk dial. If that wasn't enough to grab your attention, the unique Arabic numerals bring a great deal of character to this watch, accented by these dark-blued-steel kite hands. We chose to pair the elegance of this movement with our machined titanium case, topping it off with a nickel-plated crown and hardware all throughout as well as our Mojave band for a soft overall feel.

The movement powering this beautiful watch has all the classic Elgin design work to show off such as this intricately machined build plate with the curved shape that Elgin is known for, as well as a signature Moselely regulator. 17 screw-set jewels and brass inlaid text match the gold-plated gears that show through from beneath. The stainless steel hardware and eye-catching pattern on the mainspring barrel keep the visual interest spinning all around as you try to take it all in. This watch was originally manufactured in Elgin, Illinois in 1925, about an hour outside of Chicago. This is also the same year that Walter Percy Chrysler founded The Chrysler Corporation in Detroit, Michigan


We are happy to bring your attention to the beautiful Boston 306, a timepiece that has us coming back, again and again, to take in all the fabulous details. We love how the once gold-colored hands and numerals have softened over time to leave a copper-like feel, matching this tobacco band brilliantly. Some points of interest from wear and tear over the years add to the charm of this watch, complemented well by our machined titanium case and bright gold crown. This watch has all the feel of old, with the modern look to keep it timeless for years to come.

One of the more unique movements coming from Waltham, this Colonial shows off with a one-of-a-kind bridge plate design carefully demaskeened all throughout to carry visual interest all around the inside of this spectacular watch. Adorned by 17 friction-set jewels, with stainless hardware and gold-plated gears showing through from underneath all add to the high-class appeal of this amazing Colonial movement.

Originally manufactured by Waltham in 1936 in Waltham, Massachusetts amongst a short run of only 6,000 others at that time. At this same time in Germany at the summer Olympics, the world-famous Jesse Owens defied the Germans and Hitler himself coming away with four Gold medals for the United States.

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