Our 2020 Father's Day Sweepstakes and the First Weekly Roundup

Our 2020 Father's Day Sweepstakes and the First Weekly Roundup

The First Weekly Roundup

We're a bit over one week into our Watch of the Day program! If you missed our last email, we're making a different, one-of-a-kind watch every day... in perpetuity. We call it the Watch of the Day! 

Each week we'll send an email like this highlighting the last week of watches and giving a sneak peak into the next set of unique Conversation Pieces.

In this weekly email, we'll also share what's happening behind the scenes at our workshop, promote upcoming events, and sometimes...  


Every Father's Day and Christmas we give away a watch. 

Two watches per year, on us! This year for Father's Day we partnered with some amazing brands to offer a sweepstakes. Don't miss out! All you need to do is enter your email at the link below. 

Good luck!

Now here's your weekly roundup! You have a bonus watch this week since we started last Monday.

You might notice that we're almost completely sold out. It's one of those things people call a "good problem." Six of these eight watches sold within 24 hours. Make sure you follow us on social and sign up for our daily email list if you want to get one!

Chicago 322


Chicago 344


Boston 318


Chicago 022


Chicago 079


Chicago 356


Chicago 351


Springfield  239


Boston 293


Thanks for reading our first Weekly Roundup! We do still plan to offer a daily email, but we need a bit of time to set up those processes. 

If you know you'd like a daily alert, please reply to this email and we'll put you on the list! Otherwise, another good option is social media, especially Instagram. 

Don't forget, every watch we make is one-of-a-kind, so when you get one, it's yours and yours alone.

Check Out All Available Watches Here!

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