Our Weekly Roundup From Denver!

Our Weekly Roundup From Denver!

Check out the images below for the Weekly Roundup of our most recent Watch of the Day watches, but first, come see us in person this weekend in downtown Denver, Colorado at American Field's Spring Market!


Join us this weekend with over a dozen other Colorado-based brands in the heated alleyway at Dairy Block in Downtown Denver this Friday - Sunday for the final weekend of "Local AF." There will be shopping, live music, drinks and fun to be had by all! Be sure to pre-register by purchasing a FREE ticket at the link below. We can't wait to see you!

The event will follow all Colorado and Denver social distancing guidelines. Masks will be required at all booths, and hand sanitation stations will be available around the event.


The Weekly Roundup

Here's your weekly round-up! Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day! They sell quickly. This week we have five watches queued up. Keep your eyes out for the perfect watch for you!


Today’s Watch of the Day is the Lancaster 085, as we continue to showcase our fantastic DLC black cases with so many of these unique dials. The smokey patina on this dial paired with an ornate design in the double-sunk dial gives this watch incredible character. The gothic style cobalt blue hands stand out beautifully and pair well with the moss strap and nickel crown. On the back, we see more blued steel elements in the hardware, as well as a very distinct vertical pattern, machined into the build plate. 17 screw set jewels and gold plated gears and balance round off the classy look of this amazing Hamilton Watch.

On this date, April 20th, 1902 Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the element Radium in their lab in Paris. At the time Radium was looked at as the miracle cure for a handful of ailments and was thought to help cure cancer. The element had a glowing effect in the dark, and for this reason, was used by the United States Radium Corporation to paint watch dials. T

he painting on the watch dials helped the hands and numerals glow so that you could read the watch at night. Each dial was hand-painted by female workers, and later proved to actually be quite harmful rather than helpful, and caused considerable health issues and death for many workers. Even to this day, we still find old watches with traces of Radium leftover from this interesting time in our country’s history and have to take extra precautions when we do find them. 


Today’s watch of the day is the Springfield 385 and this watch exemplifies exactly why we are featuring our DLC black cases. We get a lot of requests to bring a more modern sleek look combined with a vintage feel, and this watch does exactly that. At first glance, the bold black numerals contrast so well and clean on this white dial, and then up close you start to see the wear and character of a watch that is almost 100 years old.

This watch goes well with any occasion and shows off just enough to wow a crowd, while still maintaining the understated simple clean look of a modern watch. A nickel crown on top with matching hardware and a very dark coal strap finish off the details to complete the look. The movement boasts 17 screw set jewels, with all silver plated hardware to contrast the very bright gold gears. A wonderfully unique pattern has been machined on the build plate to keep your eye moving all around while showing off the inner workings of this timeless piece of art. This watch was originally manufactured in Springfield, Illinois in 1927.

At this same time not far away, the first transatlantic telephone call is made from New York City to London. Communication was booming all around the world, a true time for innovation in technology.


We are continuing our featured DLC cases this week with this fantastic Time King movement from Illinois Watch Company. This movement was on the higher end of watches being produced at this time by Illinois, as shown here by the highly decorated main plate and gold-plated hardware throughout.

Rose gold gears and gold plated balance, this watch was truly at the top of its class in 1922 when it was originally manufactured. The details in the dial are remarkably impressive and really tell the story of this watch. We love the stark black case paired with these very unique numerals and decided to finish off the details with a natural band and nickel crown.

Not too far away in the Bronx, NY construction of the Yankee Stadium begins. Radio was booming all over the country and baseball was growing in popularity as well with more access across the country to games that before were only seen in person. 


Another sleek DLC case as part of our featured watches of the week, this classic Elgin is everything we strive for with DLC watches. Nice contrast of the black case and white dial paired with this very subtle stone band and nickel-coated crown. The simplicity and clean look of this watch can’t be overstated, giving it a very modern look with a vintage feel.

This movement was manufactured in 1921 in Elgin, Illinois with 17 screw-set ruby jewels and a Breguet Hairspring. The movement isn't overly embellished at all and works well with the overall look and feel of this watch.

Not far away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the very first baseball game to be broadcasted nationally over the radio plays out between the Pirates and the Phillies. It’s amazing to think how far we have come in technology, and yet we can still appreciate this antique movement in all its beauty over 100 years later. 


All the elements of today’s Watch of the Day came together perfectly and we can’t stop staring at this magnificent timepiece from the Illinois Watch Company. Another chance to get one of these fantastic DLC titanium cases that we are featuring this week.

The details of this gold dial can hardly be matched, and we decided to compliment them with a gold plated crown, hardware, and rye strap. As you turn the watch over to see the inside of the movement, more gold accents shine through with this amazing damaskeening pattern on the ¾ plate. Nickel-plated hardware and rose gold gears let the build plate pattern stand out in a fantastic way.

Small details in the dial show some wear for this watch that was originally manufactured in 1922 in Springfield, Illinois. Not too far away in the same year, President Warren G. Harding introduced the very first radio to the White House in Washington D.C. Later that year, he became the first President to release a live broadcast over the radio to millions of Americans.


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