The "Why" Behind The Military Edition For Giving Tuesday

The "Why" Behind The Military Edition For Giving Tuesday

The "Why" Behind The Military Edition

We sent a version of this email the night before we launched the Military Edition, but only to our waitlist. We thought for Giving Tuesday, we could share this message with all our followers and explain why we care so much about the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative.

But first... here's our Watch of the Week!

The Springfield 361


We're back with another Santa Fe Special, produced by the Illinois Watch Company in 1923. These unique pieces always go quickly, with the bright yellow dial, the bold black numerals, and the inscription of "Santa Fe Special."  We chose our machined titanium case to allow the dial to be the focal point but our round gold crown helps to accentuate the yellow tones.

We can guess this dial and movement likely have always been together because the movement also has the engraving that reads "Santa Fe Special," which we don't always see. This movement boasts 21jewels and is also a "Double Roller."  The combination is truly unique. We would love to hear the story of who's wrist this watch ends up on!


Have you read the book Start With Why?

The bottom line is... why do you do what you do? From your core values to the words coming out of your mouth. What do you stand for?

We'd like to share our WHY behind the Military Edition so you know our true north. Hopefully, it'll give this purchase you're about to make even more meaning.


By investing in the Military Edition you are supporting the past, present, and future of American watchmaking. 

It's a bold statement, but it's true. There's a piece of American military history inside each of these watches. It is such an honor to salvage, restore, and preserve these for you but the objective of this message is to shine a light on the men and women who do the hardest work.

November 11th was a big day for all of us here at Vortic, but it's also Veterans Day, and we'll never forget it.

This is why we do it. The Veterans Watchmaker Initiative in Odessa, Delaware. This is a school that specializes in training US Military Veterans on how to become professional watchmakers.

Why does that matter? Well, the world needs more watchmakers. We need more watchmakers. The Achille's heel of Vortic is the fact that there are not enough skilled workers to restore the antique pocket watch movements we use in our wristwatches. 

The Veterans Watchmaker Initiative is the only one of its kind. Specializing in training disabled veterans, the school can and will train any honorably discharged individual. To say they are the perfect non-profit to align with would be an understatement. 

Rolex and SWATCH have seemingly cut funding to all their US-based watchmaking schools or let COVID get the best of them, so at this point, the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative might be the last remaining school in America. 


In full transparency, we're a little biased. Sam Cannan, the director of the school, honored us a few months ago by naming their new service center after the company and one of our founders.


This year we donated $50,000 to the school with the help of our customers, friends, and the sales of this limited edition shirt. 

The Limited Edition 2020 Military T-shirt.


We worked with a local shirt company to create this amazing Print on Demand T-shirt. Today is the last day to place your order, and for giving Tuesday, we'll donate the funds raised back to the school!


We Have A Few Left!

Go to to learn more about the Military Edition and see what we have left. The Special Edition is sold out, but we do have a few of the Second Edition remaining for pre-order!

On behalf of the Vortic team... THANK YOU.

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