We Moved In! Well, We're Moving In...

We Moved In! Well, We're Moving In...

Your weekly roundup of one-of-a-kind watches is below, but first...

Here comes Custer & Wolfe, Building a Watch Company episode #8! Action PACKED! You definitely don’t want to miss this episode of Custer + Wolfe: Building a Watch Company. This week we talk about prepping our American machine shop to move, some amperage complications + our Swiss machines, how we’re building our team and building up manufacturing in Colorado, and last but not least, we give you a tour of where things are at right now in the new shop! 

Every couple of weeks you can expect a new episode on our Custer & Wolfe YouTube channel so make sure you are subscribed! And, now that we're officially moving in to our new building, look out for new and different episodes coming your way soon!


A Sneak Peek Just for You!

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats because this Independence Day have we got a treat for you!

I know, I know, this one looks a little different, doesn't it? Well say hello to V3, that's right version 3 of our cases is HERE! Not to mention this gorgeously decorated dial and movement combination from Elgin Watch Company.

This is the Chicago 009, the 9th watch we've made using our new v3 casing, and the first 16size (slightly larger than our typical 12size) watch we've made for sale in years! Live at 12pm MST on July 4th, this work of art is sure to go quickly so we're giving you a sneak peek.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...


Here's your Weekly Roundup!

Every Tuesday we send this Weekly Roundup of our most recent Watch of the Day watches. Most watches sell within minutes or hours, so be sure to check the website each day at noon Mountain Time or follow us on social media to get more frequent updates!


Click the images of the watches to learn more about them.  Make sure to check the website at 12 PM Mountain Time for the Watch of the Day!


Today we are pleased to present this amazing watch from the Burlington Watch Company, our Burlington 023. The Illinois Watch Company produced the majority of the watches that were sold under the Burlington label, and this particular model had a small run of just 1,000 watches for this year. We love the clean, bright white enamel dial with the minute indicators around the outside. This look is something we have come to expect from Burlington, who made most of their 12-size watches to look very similar to the larger railroad-grade watches. We love the addition of red numerals around the outside to dictate the five-minute intervals and help with a quick visual for time-telling.

We set this movement in our machined titanium case, with a wonderful copper crown that pairs perfectly with our merlot strap. As we turn this watch over to reveal the movement inside, we are immediately drawn in by the unique shape of the bridge plate that extends across the middle of the movement. This watch has been carefully machined to display an incredible visual array throughout. Rose-gold plated gears hide beneath, turning on 19 spectacular jewels.

This watch was initially manufactured in Springfield, Illinois in 1915 by the Illinois Watch Company. This year was an exciting year for our home state of Colorado, as the United States Congress established Rocky Mountain National Part on January 26th. The park has seen a generous increase in popularity for attendance since 2012, reaching over 4 million annual visitors per year and continuing to grow. We feel lucky to have such an amazing area to recreate that is only about an hour from our front door here in downtown Fort Collins. 


We’re thrilled to present this remarkable antique piece originally manufactured by the Illinois Watch Company — the Springfield 511. The Springfield boasts a magnificent bronze-colored dial with an intricate, floral center design. It also features black numerals and blue diamond kite watch hands. We paired this historic pocket watch with our robust Machined Titanium case and nickel-plated crown. The gleaming case and crown draw further attention to the piece’s highly unique dial.

On the back of the watch, you can view its 405-grade open-face movement with a nickel finish, pendant setting, and going barrel. The movement’s center bridge plate features a breathtaking engraving that reads “The Garland.” The timepiece also features gold-plated gears powered by 17 stunning jewels. Finally, we equipped the watch with our hand-crafted Moss leather watch strap, matching the historic piece’s dial.

The Illinois Watch Company initially produced the Springfield 511’s pocket watch in Springfield, Illinois, in 1926 — the same year that Reverend Dr. William Archer Rutherfoord Goodwin began restoring Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. The Colonial Williamsburg restoration preserved 88 original colonial buildings within its 173 acres. In 1960, the U.S. government designated the site as a National Historic Landmark District. 


We’re excited to present this remarkable piece originally manufactured by the American Waltham Watch Company in 1899 — the Boston 453. The watch boasts a splendid dial with black numerals that look stunning against its pristine white background. The dial also features a subtle yet elegant center design and blue fine spade watch hands. We complemented the antique pocket watch’s breathtaking design by matching it with our Machined Titanium case and gold-plated crown.

Our case features a transparent back, revealing the watch’s Riverside-grade open-face movement with a patent regulator and Breguet hairspring. The back of the watch also features a stylish “Riverside” engraving corroborating its historicity. Finally, the pocket watch boasts robust bronze-plated gears powered by 19 sumptuous jewels. To tie the piece together, we paired it with our artisan-crafted Rye leather watch strap, making this one-of-a-kind watch even more exceptional.

The American Waltham Watch Company initially produced this timepiece in Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1899 — the same year the United States established the Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state. President William McKinley signed a bill creating the national park on March 2, 1899, making it America’s fifth national park. The park features 236,381 acres and the Mount Rainier stratovolcano, America’s largest mainland volcano. 


We’re pleased to showcase this exquisite piece initially produced by the Elgin National Watch Company — the Chicago 480. The timepiece presents a sophisticated dial with an intricate center design and cream-colored background. The dial also boasts stylish black numerals and blue solid diamond kite hands that glimmer vividly. We matched the original pocket with our robust Machined Titanium case and nickel-plated crown, which draw further attention to the piece’s antique dial.

The back of the watch features a 345-grade open-face movement with a quick train, Moseley regulator, and Breguet hairspring. The pocket watch also presents remarkable gold-plated gears powered by 17 screw-set ruby and sapphire jewels throughout its ¾ plate. To top it off, we equipped this historic watch with our comfortable and stylish Cordovan Black leather watch strap, adding even more elegance to the final product.

The Elgin National Watch Company originally manufactured the Chicago 480’s pocket watch in Elgin, Illinois, in 1925 — the same year as the serum run to Nome, also known as the Great Race of Mercy. Twenty mushers (dog sledders) and 150 sled dogs delivered diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska, and other communities, preventing diphtheria outbreaks. Diphtheria is an infectious disease that causes severe swelling, fever, and a barking cough. The fatality rate is 5%-10%, but those under the age of five and older than 40 have a fatality rate of up to 20%. The famous Siberian Husky Balto led the final leg of the serum run to Nom. Today, Balto’s remains reside at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and he has a statue in Central Park, New York City. 


We’re thrilled to feature this remarkable antique watch initially produced by the Illinois Watch Company in 1923 — the Springfield 510. The timepiece boasts a stunning dial with highly unique black numerals that display boldly against its light-cream-colored background. The dial also has stylish vertical lines that make the piece even more distinct, and it features dark-gray diamond kite minute and hour hands. We matched the original pocket watch with our robust and scratch-resistant Machined Titanium case and equipped it with a gold-plated crown.

Our Machined Titanium case has a clear back, revealing the watch’s breathtaking 274-grade open-face movement with a nickel finish and pendant setting. The open back also displays the timepiece’s bronze-plated gears powered by 21 luxurious jewels throughout its ¾ plate. To top it off, we paired this exceptional watch with our comfortable, artisan-designed Natural leather watch strap.

The Illinois Watch Company originally manufactured this piece in Springfield, Illinois, in 1923 — the same year President Warren Harding became the first president to pay taxes on his presidential salary. In 1922, President Harding received a presidential salary of $75,000 — around $1.3 million in 2022 — and paid $17,000 in taxes. Today, United States presidents receive a $400,000 salary and are still required to pay income taxes. 


We’re excited to showcase this exquisite piece originally manufactured by the Illinois Watch Company in 1922 — the Springfield 509. The watch features a stunning cream-colored dial with faint, stylish vertical lines. The dial also boasts royal blue diamond kite watch hands and black numerals. We encased the pocket watch within our breathtaking Gunmetal Titanium case and equipped it with a gold-plated crown, making the piece look even more luxurious.

On the back of the watch, you can view its 405-grade open-face movement with a center bridge plate, going barrel, and highly unique gold coloring near its gears. The watch also features robust bronze-plated gears powered by 17 jewels throughout its bridge plate. Finally, we matched the timepiece with our sumptuous Cordovan Black leather watch strap, complementing the dial’s numerals and our Gunmetal Titanium case.

The Illinois Watch Company initially produced the Springfield 509’s pocket watch in Springfield, Illinois, in 1922 — the same year T.S. Eliot released his poem The Waste Land. For several years, Eliot worked on different parts of what would eventually become the renowned poem. Before titling the piece The Waste Land, Eliot considered using the title He Do the Police in Different Voices, a line from Charles Dickens’ 1864 novel Our Mutual Friend. 


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