The One Resource with an Unknown Supply: Time

The One Resource with an Unknown Supply: Time

"A valuable watch is important because it’s important to value your time,” says Vortic Watch customer, Forrest Owens. “Don’t just focus on money. Focus on the value of your time because it’s the only resource you have an unknown supply of.”

As for his own time, you could say Owens has used it wisely  -  with his head in the clouds.
Owens is in aviation law which is associated with flight and aircraft activity and regulations, the purchase and sale of private aircraft, contracts, and operations of those aircraft, airman defense, airport real estate and cross-border transactions.
He studied aviation technology and earned his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) licenses. Not to mention, he holds a private pilot license, too. All earned while working full-time for an aircraft turbine engine manufacturer based in Indiana, where he spent the bulk of those formative years.
Yes, you could say he aims sky high.
Now a resident of Jupiter (Florida… not space… he shoots for the stars but not literally), Owens started his own firm, Aviation Legal Counsel, in 2017. For two years, the determination and dedication to his work continued and business took off. In May 2019, his firm reached a revenue milestone that was beyond his wildest dreams. “When we hit that number, I thought, ‘holy cow,’ How did that happen?’” Owens said, “I was just working and not trying for it necessarily. It happened naturally.” To commemorate the achievement, Owens wanted to find something special.
So he went looking for a luxury watch.
He found Vortic online and was drawn to the idea of a mechanical watch, one that was 100% made in the U.S.A., and has history. “You don’t need a mechanical watch today but it is a tool where you can still be present – not like a smartphone.” Owens said. “If you think about it, 100 years ago, a watch is what made you a professional. Your watch had to be accurate. If it ran and kept time, you were punctual which is a sign of professionalism and respect.”
He found his perfect watch on the Vortic website. The Springfield 090 with a movement built in 1919 – exactly 100 years prior. “I’m originally from Indiana and spent a lot of time there and the Midwest, including Illinois,” he said, personalizing it further by engraving the date of his firm’s achievement – May, 16, 2019.

“When I got the watch, it was like Christmas morning as a kid,” he said. “You don’t get that feeling as often as an adult but it’s the same anticipation as a kid.”

 He says he sees the firm’s milestone and his commemorative Vortic Watch as affirmation to keep flying high towards your goals and aspirations. But to also keep your feet on the ground and remember where you came from. “It’s continuing validation of intent, both past and present."

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