Hamilton v Vortic Announcement

Hamilton v Vortic Announcement

Hamilton v Vortic

We've been receiving many questions after some recent media coverage, so we thought we'd share as much as we can. Tomorrow morning, we are defending ourselves in Federal Court in a case called Hamilton v Vortic.

Long story short, as you probably know, we salvage and restore antique American pocket watches and turn them into wristwatches. One of the Great American Watch Companies was called Hamilton Watch Company. You can read the full history of Hamilton here:

Hamilton Watch Company

In 2015, we received a Cease and Desist letter. Then, in 2017 we were officially sued by the modern day operators of Hamilton, the international conglomerate called the Swatch Group. They've accused us of trademark infringement and counterfeiting.

While we can't share much yet, there's a lot of information publicly available. Some of our friends made a YouTube video about it which we've shared below. We'll continue to share any news stories and blogs like the "Rescapement" article, also below.


Rescapement Blog

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In partnership with a few watch industry blogs, podcasts, and journalists, we'll have coverage of the court proceedings and other public statements available on Instagram. We will try to share across all social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin, but Instagram will be the first place to check if you want to learn more. You can find us there at @vorticwatches.

Follow Along On Instagram

Wish us luck! We'll share the results as soon as we can. 

Tomorrow we defend our American Dream and our right to turn a pocket watch into a wristwatch.

Thankfully the law seems to be on our side. 

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