100 Days of Vortic Watches

100 Days of Vortic Watches

Hey everyone! I’m RT Custer, Co-Founder of Vortic Watch Company and I’m so excited to tell you about 100 Days Of Vortic! Starting September 23rd, for the last 100 days of 2019, we will finish and list for sale one, new, totally one-of-a-kind watch every single day!

Since we can only build about one watch per day, we decided to focus on these Pre-Built watches for the rest of the year. We know you want instant gratification, and we can totally help with that. All of these watches on our Pre-Built store can be purchased immediately and will ship the next business day!

You can check out our current inventory here:

Since each and every watch we manufacture in the American Artisan Series is one-of-a-kind however, if you see one you like, make sure to pull the trigger quickly so you can get it. Watches last only a few days on our website on average, and we can’t make any more!

Yes, each of these watches features an antique American made pocket watch movement (manually wound mechanism), dial (face), and hands inside. We make everything on the outside of the watch to last another 100 years and preserve that piece of American history, but now, as a wristwatch.

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We hope you like what we have coming for the rest of the year, but, as always, if you don’t see the perfect watch for you, make sure to check out the Watch Builder so you can get a fully custom watch built just for you (made to order in 8 to 10 weeks).

And here’s the Watch Builder for you:

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this idea, so let us know! 👇

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