Hamilton v Vortic - What happened in Court?

Hamilton v Vortic - What happened in Court?

How'd It Go In Court?

Thank you everyone for your support after we made you aware of our 5 year legal battle that recently became news. The outpouring of emails and social media messages was extremely helpful and we can't thank you enough! Now we can answer this question of "how did it go!?"

Here's our official statement released on social media after the trial.

Don't know what we're talking about?

Check out this story by BizWest for details.




The bottom line is that now we must sit and wait until the judge sends us her decision. 

Until then, we keep doing what we've been doing for the last 5 years of this legal battle... making watches. Everything is going very well at the shop (besides a couple software issues with our CNC machines and flu season), and we're just here making watches. 

A lot of you asked how you can help, and we'll answer that question in the next email. For now, we thought we could share what people are saying about the case and a post-trial interview with R.T. about the specifics.


If you like listening to podcasts, and you're okay with some curse words as a few guys chat about watches over some whiskey, take a listen to this episode mostly about the Hamilton v Vortic case. This is basically two attorneys discussing the ins and outs of the case attempting to see it from both sides and hash out all the details of what might happen. We had no input on this episode but they did ask to interview us once the judge sends a verdict.

At the 6 minute mark they get into the legal background.

At the 28 minute mark they dive into the specifics of the case.



If you prefer watching a YouTube video, you can watch this interview with R.T. just after the trial conducted by Ricardo from the Watch With Us Channel. They go into everything including the case, what happened at trial, how everything else is going, and near the end R.T. has a chance to share the specifics of what we do here at Vortic. 

Watch the YouTube interview here.

Let us know what you think!

If you're familiar with trademark law, and other types of Intellectual property law, we recommend starting at the 28 minute mark.


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